Add more comments for DxeServicesTableLib library instance.
[people/mcb30/edk2.git] / edk2 / MdePkg / Library / DxeServicesTableLib / DxeServicesTableLib.c
2008-09-03 klu2Add more comments for DxeServicesTableLib library instance.
2007-07-12 AJFISHRemoved MdePkg usage of ModuleName: in file headers
2007-07-06 qwang12Enable Intel IPF compilation for MdePkg.
2007-06-29 AJFISHRemoved CommonHeader.h generated file from the MdePkg.
2007-06-22 yshang1Checked in part of MDE library instances following...
2007-06-22 vanjeffImport some Pei and Dxe related instances for MdePkg.
2007-06-01 lhauchMoved the MdePkg to OldMdePkg so that new code in MdePk...
2006-09-18 vanjeffadd EFIAPI for those constructor funcitons declaration
2006-07-20 vanjeffModified comment for gDs
2006-07-20 vanjeffadded some comments in BaseLib
2006-07-13 vanjeffadded function header
2006-04-21 bbahnsenInitial import.