1.Updated EFI_FVB_ATTRIBUTES to EFI_FVB_ATTRIBUTES_2 to follow PI spec.
[people/mcb30/edk2.git] / edk2 / MdePkg / Include / Pi / PiDxeCis.h
2008-09-03 vanjeff1.Updated EFI_FVB_ATTRIBUTES to EFI_FVB_ATTRIBUTES_2...
2008-07-16 yshang1Code Scrub the common includes in MdePkg.
2008-06-24 klu2Fix doxygen issue:
2007-08-27 qwang12Make MdePkg GCC clean
2007-07-04 yshang1Fixed typo of DXE_SERVICES_VERSION.
2007-06-27 AJFISHUpdated headers to follow coding standard
2007-06-18 AJFISHRemoved tabs and fixed some minor coding style issues...
2007-06-08 yshang1Move to directory "Include"