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2007-01-10 bbahnsenAdd a python script that can generate gnu makefiles...
2007-01-05 bbahnsenAdd license header to Python files.
2007-01-05 klu2Correct the sample instruction.
2007-01-04 bbahnsenAllow resume of the download.
2007-01-04 bbahnsenAdd wxPython to the installer.
2007-01-04 bbahnsenSet the executable property on the script.
2007-01-04 bbahnsenSet the executable property on the script.
2007-01-04 mdkinney1) Update XmlRoutines.py to strip all whitespace
2006-12-23 bbahnsenAdd the doxygen config file.
2006-12-22 bbahnsenAdded some new field to the far template.
2006-12-21 bbahnsenAdded a template mechanism to act as the user interface...
2006-12-19 bbahnsenAdd md5sums to the manifest.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenPopulate the zip file while building the manifest.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenAdd better command line parameter handling.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenCorrections to the far manifest.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenStart to build the manifest.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenAdd a far maker
2006-12-05 bbahnsenDelete
2006-12-05 bbahnsenRemove
2006-12-05 bbahnsenChange Name
2006-12-05 bbahnsenChange name
2006-12-05 bbahnsenFactor out the XML API so other scripts can use it.
2006-11-22 bbahnsenA script that helps you install python on OS X.
2006-11-22 bbahnsenSet the exe bit and point to the right interpreter...
2006-11-22 bbahnsenAdding a python script dir and a script to calculate...