check list clean.
[people/mcb30/edk2.git] / edk2 / MdeModulePkg / Library / GraphicsLib / Graphics.c
2008-07-15 vanjeffcheck list clean.
2008-07-08 vanjeff1. Enabled UGA Draw consuming in GraphicsLib of Mdemodu...
2008-03-20 vanjefffixed one typo
2008-03-19 vanjeffadd some error check and return.
2008-03-19 vanjeffadd PCD PcdUgaConsumeSupport to switch on/off EFI UGA...
2008-03-17 vanjeffadd return error check.
2008-02-01 qhuang8Fix an issue that the bitmap should be loaded from...
2008-01-21 qwang12UEFI HII: Merge UEFI HII support changes from branch.