1. clean up codes.
[people/mcb30/edk2.git] / edk2 / MdeModulePkg / Universal /
2007-08-24 vanjeff1. clean up codes.
2007-08-23 vanjeff1. Enable Network stack to pass SCT, currently MNP...
2007-08-22 yshang1Update PciCfg2.c to follow strict ANSI C spec.
2007-08-20 qwang12Merge in a bug fixed in EDK tree.
2007-08-17 mdkinneyUse <> in #include statements instead of "" for include...
2007-08-17 AJFISHPrevious fix was in error
2007-08-17 AJFISHMissed a conversion. Fixed build break
2007-08-16 AJFISHCleaned up EFI Console Variable usage
2007-08-16 AJFISHUpdated to use new PCD settings
2007-08-07 vanjeffadded the missing contents of copywrite.
2007-08-07 vanjeff1. Enable Mtftp4Dxe in MdeModulePkg.dsc
2007-08-06 mdkinneyFix bug in GPT check that was introduced when a Compare...
2007-08-06 yshang1Fix bug in PciCfg to support PCI express address.
2007-08-03 yshang1Replace the FlashMapHob with PCD defined in FDF on...
2007-08-03 yshang1Replace the FlashMapHob with PCD defined in FDF on...
2007-08-03 klu2Correct wrong Library class's name
2007-08-01 jwang361. Generated new build.exe from new tools code
2007-07-31 vanjeffclean up Copyright header information.
2007-07-30 vanjeffImport ArpDxe, Dhcp4Dxe, Ip4Dxe, Mtftp4Dxe, PxeBcDxe...
2007-07-26 qhuang8Fix the wrong copyright statements.
2007-07-26 qwang12change TokenSpaceGuid to the package Token Space Guid
2007-07-25 yshang11) Add PcatSingleSegmentPciCfg2Pei in MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-25 vanjeffFixed EBC build issues.
2007-07-25 yshang1Remove unused section in .INF, .DEC, .DSC of MdePkg...
2007-07-24 yshang1Retire the "Include/Common" of MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-24 qwang12remove dxs files.
2007-07-24 vanjeff1. remove un-necessary instances reference
2007-07-24 vanjeffImport SnpDxe, Tcp4Dxe, Udp4Dxe and MnpDxe.
2007-07-23 vanjeffImport Ip4Config module
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-20 qhuang8Fix the typo in last check in
2007-07-20 qhuang8Remove RTC package dependency on IntelFrameworkPkg
2007-07-19 qhuang8Remove old modules after Remove old modules after renaming.
2007-07-19 yshang1Move RealTimeClockRuntimeDxe to PcatRealTimeClockRuntim...
2007-07-19 yshang1Move VariablePei/VariableDxe/EmuVarible to /Variable...
2007-07-19 yshang1Rename the SecurityStub.inf to SecurityStubDxe.inf.
2007-07-19 qhuang8Remove old modules moving to Core folder.
2007-07-19 qhuang8Remove old modules after renaming.
2007-07-19 yshang1Rename the MemoryTest Pei and Dxe.
2007-07-19 klu2Move PcatCompatible/RealTimeClockRuntimeDxe module...
2007-07-18 qhuang8Adjust directory structures.
2007-07-18 qhuang8Adjust directory structures.
2007-07-18 qhuang8Adjust directory structures.
2007-07-18 qhuang8Adjust directory structures.
2007-07-18 qhuang8Adjust directory structures.
2007-07-17 klu2Add RuntimeDxe as postfix for EmuVariable driver
2007-07-17 klu2Add RuntimeDxe as postfix for Variable driver
2007-07-17 klu2Add DxAdd Dxe as postfix for devicepath driver
2007-07-17 klu2Add DxAdd Dxe as postfix for Terminal driver
2007-07-17 vanjeff1. Fixed tools_def.template to meet ICC build for IA32
2007-07-16 klu2Add Pei postfix to variable peim driver
2007-07-16 vanjeffremove duplicated modules
2007-07-16 vanjeffModules cleanup.
2007-07-13 qwang12Remove IPF EmuVariableIpf.inf
2007-07-10 AJFISHRemoved CommonHeader.h from MdePkg & MdeModulePkg
2007-07-10 klu21) Use Dynamic Pcd for hold the base address and length...
2007-07-10 klu2Enable dynamic PCD for windowBusDriver
2007-07-10 vanjefffixed token space issue
2007-07-09 AJFISHUpdated modules to not depend on the IntelFrameworkPkg.
2007-07-06 klu2Use gEfiMdeModulePkgTokenSpaceGuid instead of gEfiEdkMo...
2007-07-06 qwang12git-svn-id: https://edk2.tianocore.org/svn/edk2/trunk...
2007-07-06 qwang12Add in EmuVariableRuntimeDxe
2007-07-06 qhuang8Add MonotonicCounter driver, which produces MonotonicCo...
2007-07-06 klu2Use Hob to get the variable base address in NV storage...
2007-07-06 klu2Fix the RuntimeDxe driver can not be dispatched correct...
2007-07-06 klu21) PcdFlashNvStorageFtwWorkingSize, PcdFlashNvStorageFt...
2007-07-06 jwang36Changed gEfiEdkModulePkgTokenSpaceGuid to gEfiMdeModule...
2007-07-05 xgu3Remove FontPack reference from GraphicsConsole
2007-07-05 xgu3Check in following modules,
2007-07-03 AJFISHRemoved IntelframeworkPkg contamination from MdeModuleP...
2007-07-03 qhuang8Add DebugPort & DebugSupport drivers
2007-07-03 jwang36Recovered the mis-overwritten inf file
2007-07-03 jwang36Enabled PCD DXE/PEI modules build in MdeModulePkg
2007-07-03 vanjeffImport PCD dxe and PCD pei modules.
2007-07-03 vanjeffUpdate EFI_CAPSULE_HEADER definition.
2007-07-03 yshang1Update EFI_CAPSULE_HEADER definition.
2007-07-02 qhuang8Remove package dependency of IntelFrameworkPkg
2007-07-02 vanjeff1. Remove IntelFrameworkPkg.dec package dependency...
2007-07-02 vanjeff1. remove FirmwareVolumeBlock.h for IntelFrameworkPkg
2007-07-02 yshang1Add BaseMemoryTestDxe in MdeModulePkg.dsc
2007-07-02 yshang1Move Security/SecurityStub/Dxe to SecurityStubDxe.
2007-06-29 AJFISHRemoved the usage of an Intel package include.
2007-06-29 AJFISHgit-svn-id: https://edk2.tianocore.org/svn/edk2/trunk...
2007-06-29 AJFISHremoved [includes] section from MdePkg and MdeModulePkg...
2007-06-29 qhuang8Add Crc32SectionExtract Module
2007-06-29 klu2Remove unused VarMachine.h
2007-06-28 vanjeffremove CommonHeader.h form English module
2007-06-28 qhuang8Replace dxs file with [depex] section
2007-06-28 qhuang8Update to include Crc32SectionExtract.h
2007-06-28 vanjeffadd ia32 and x64 direcotry for EdkFvbServiceLib
2007-06-28 vanjeffadd English.inf, EdkFvbServiceLib.inf and Variable.inf
2007-06-28 vanjeffAdd DiskIo.c
2007-06-28 vanjeffRemove diskio.c
2007-06-28 klu2Enable VariablePei into DSC file.
2007-06-28 klu2Add variablePei module into MdeModulePkg.
2007-06-28 klu21) Add MdeModulePkg\Universal\WatchDogTimerDxe driver...
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add EBC, FTW, Crc32SectionExtract, NullMemoryTest modules.
2007-06-27 qhuang8Add AtapiPassThru & CapsuleRuntime module to MdeModulePkg
2007-06-27 vanjeffRoll back revision 2222 to recover the wrong checking.