1. remove EFI_EVENT_ alias, replace them with EVT_
[people/mcb30/edk2.git] / edk2 / MdePkg / Include / Uefi / UefiInternalFormRepresentation.h
2008-09-04 vanjeff1. remove EFI_EVENT_ alias, replace them with EVT_
2008-08-14 klu2git-svn-id: https://edk2.tianocore.org/svn/edk2/trunk...
2008-07-16 lgao4Code Scrub for header files in MdePkg/Include/Ppi and...
2008-06-24 klu2Fix doxygen issue:
2008-06-23 qwang12Merged in the following trackers from EDK:
2008-05-27 qhuang8De-unicode in comment for all source files.
2008-02-02 qwang121) Cleanup HiiLib, IfrSupportLib.
2008-01-21 qwang12UEFI HII: Merge UEFI HII support changes from branch.
2007-12-10 qwang12Sync HII and Setupbrowser related header files with...
2007-06-27 AJFISHUpdated headers to follow coding standard
2007-06-19 yshang1Checked in the Protocols introduced in UEFI/PI.
2007-06-08 yshang1Move to directory "Include"