2003-11-14 bug1NEW APPLET: pipe_progress, used by debian installer
2003-11-14 bug1Fix build error with tar -j
2003-11-14 bug1Remove some tar_gz stuff that get dragged in
2003-11-14 bug1Remove debugging noise.
2003-11-14 bug1Read in blocks rather than one char at a time, greatly...
2003-11-14 andersenOskar Liljeblad writes:
2003-11-14 andersenMichael Smith writes:
2003-11-14 andersenUlrich Marx writes:
2003-11-14 andersenSteven Seeger writes:
2003-11-14 andersenVladimir N. Oleynik (vodz) writes:
2003-11-14 andersenMarc Kleine-Budde noticed a missing semicolon
2003-11-10 bug1Merge common parts of sha1sum and md5sum, which is...
2003-11-08 andersenAdd some basic cvs usage info
2003-11-08 andersenRob Landley writes:
2003-11-07 andersenPatch from Steven Scholz to send the output from 'time'
2003-11-07 andersenThis appears to be the correct fix to make CONFIG_FEATU...
2003-11-07 andersenfix comment
2003-11-07 timrwrap bb help output if CONFIG_FEATURE_AUTOWIDTH
2003-11-07 andersenAs vodz pointed out, setting unset_env to NULL is suffi...
2003-11-06 bug1Rewrite, 800+ bytes smaller and more robust.
2003-11-05 andersenBy popular demand, revert to version 1.21, since Rules...
2003-11-05 bug1Fix tar -j support
2003-11-04 andersenFix oversight with CONFIG_FEATURE_AUTOWIDTH handling
2003-11-03 andersenSet unset_env pointing to a NULL item, to prevent us...
2003-11-03 andersenFix rdate and ftpget/ftpput so they compile with the...
2003-11-03 andersenAvoid conflicts with the 2.6 kernel headers, which...
2003-10-31 andersenRework wget, the xconnect interface, and its various...
2003-10-31 andersenPut back the tar support stubs (and warnings) for now.
2003-10-31 andersenTry to make indent formatting less horrible
2003-10-31 bug1Patch from David Meggy to make the swap default to...
2003-10-31 bug1Move the tail -c option from FANCY_TAIL to the default...
2003-10-31 andersenFix stupid typo
2003-10-31 bug1Remove config options for sort -u and sort -r, they...
2003-10-30 bug1Add a comment with link to the SUSv3 standard for xargs
2003-10-30 bug1run through indent
2003-10-30 bug1Patch from Dmitry Zakharov,
2003-10-30 andersenmake certain values specified in the environment always win
2003-10-29 bug1Accept the -c option and do nothing
2003-10-29 bug1fix a bug where `which' doesn't check whether the file...
2003-10-29 bug1make CONFIG_FEATURE_UNARCHIVE_TAPE common between itar...
2003-10-29 bug1"A few references to sourcefiles and URLs in docs/contr...
2003-10-29 bug1Use the return value from uncompress_bunzip, fix some...
2003-10-28 bug1Add some error messages, use xmalloc instead of malloc
2003-10-28 bug1Fix a logic error, the old bunzip code returned non...
2003-10-28 bug1Conditionally compile some files.
2003-10-23 andersenAnother bzip2 update and speedup from Manuel Novoa...
2003-10-22 andersenthe dc applet now needs libm
2003-10-22 andersensigh
2003-10-22 andersenGoetz Bock writes:
2003-10-22 andersenlast_patch116 from vodz:
2003-10-22 andersenTomasz Motylewski reported that the 'which' applet...
2003-10-22 andersenPatch from Arthur Othieno for style-guide.txt conformance
2003-10-22 andersenPatch from Arthur Othieno for docs/style-guide.txt...
2003-10-22 andersenPatch from Arthur Othieno to fix a compiler warning
2003-10-22 andersenmake this a little bit less messy
2003-10-22 andersenUpdate mail location
2003-10-22 andersenDisable any buffering to stdout
2003-10-22 andersenTito writes:
2003-10-22 andersenAndreas Mohr writes:
2003-10-21 andersenDo a better job of dealing with screwy s390 abi changes
2003-10-20 andersenccording to this:
2003-10-18 andersenManuel Novoa III writes:
2003-10-18 andersenRob Landley's new micro-bunzip version 3. Rob writes:
2003-10-17 timrold gcc
2003-10-11 andersenPaul Mundt (lethal) writes:
2003-10-10 bug1Vodz last_patch_117, update options for new xargs
2003-10-10 bug1Vods versions of xargs
2003-10-09 andersenI don't need to have my email adder listed twice
2003-10-09 andersenDo not use kernel headers
2003-10-09 bug1Fix an ommision preventing building, patch by Tito.
2003-10-09 bug1example devfs config file, patch from Tito.
2003-10-09 bug1New applet, devfsd, by Matteo Croce and Tito
2003-10-09 bug1Patch from Steven Scholz, fix some warnings
2003-10-09 bug1Bugfix for xargs
2003-10-09 andersenArnd Ben Otto writes:
2003-10-09 andersenWe did not have a safe_write, which is the analog to...
2003-10-09 andersenFix some warnings that have crept in recently
2003-10-09 bug1Patch from Tito, size optimisation and fix error in...
2003-10-09 bug1Comaptability with gcc-2.95
2003-10-06 bug1Vodz last_patch_105 without his xargs patch which doens...
2003-10-04 bug1Add the x, n, s and E options, remove -r as its expecte...
2003-10-04 bug1Patch from Rob Landley;
2003-10-04 bug1Woops, the previous patch reversal wasnt complete,...
2003-10-03 bug1Reverse my previous changes and make a note about why...
2003-10-03 bug1Dont mix xarg options with utility option, fixes example of
2003-10-03 bug1Vodz, last_patch_114
2003-10-03 bug1Patch by Rob Landley, fix warning
2003-10-03 bug1argc has already been decremented
2003-10-03 bug1Patch from Rob Landley, Simplify organisation of arguments.
2003-10-02 bug1Fix -C option when creating tar files.
2003-10-01 bug1Thomas Lundquist, update for current structure
2003-10-01 bug1Patch from Rob Landley to fix backrefs
2003-10-01 bug1Patch by Rob Landley, fix "newline after edit command"
2003-10-01 bug1Patch by Rob Landley, work in progress update, fixes...
2003-09-26 bug1Patch by Guillaume Morin
2003-09-26 bug1Patch from Fillod Stephane
2003-09-26 bug1add size parameter to syslogd -C
2003-09-26 bug1Patch by Fillod Stephane, declare variables as static...
2003-09-24 bug1Use a variable for the config files, makes it easier...
2003-09-24 bug1Syncronise with debian busybox-cvs package