2007-09-10 vdagrep: delete obsolete comment
2007-09-10 vdagrep: fix grep -F -e str1 -e str2 (was matching str2...
2007-09-09 vdastyle fix, no code changes
2007-09-09 vdaopen_transformer: fix vda's goofup
2007-09-08 vdatop: small fix for command line wrapping
2007-09-08 vdatop: get rid of on-stack variable buffers, use permanen...
2007-09-08 vdatop: add sizeof(G) check; fix style
2007-09-08 vdatop: TOPMEM feature - 's(how sizes)' command. +2.5k...
2007-09-07 pgfoverload the existing '-q' flag so that if '-l' and...
2007-09-07 vdamessages: by popular request allow PATH to be customize...
2007-09-07 vdasyslogd: do not need to poll(), we can just block in...
2007-09-07 vda*: replace select-for-one descriptor with poll, it...
2007-09-06 pgffix infinite retry bug. also, reduce per-packet receiv...
2007-09-06 pgffix -xdev behavior in the presence of two or more neste...
2007-09-06 vdaumount: support (by ignoring) -i; style fixes
2007-09-05 vdausage: trim a bit
2007-09-05 vdawatchdog: allow millisecond spec (-t 250ms)
2007-09-05 vdatar + gzip/bzip2/etc: support NOMMU machines (by Alex...
2007-09-05 vdabusybox --install -s: prevent puzzling "/bin/busybox...
2007-09-04 vdatar: conditionally don't wait for vforked child to...
2007-09-04 vdamount: ignore NFS bg option on NOMMU machines
2007-09-03 vdadu: remove statics (by Bernhard Fischer <
2007-09-03 vdalogin: do reject wrong passwords with PAM auth
2007-09-03 vdatrylink: reinstate accidentally deleted --verbose
2007-09-02 aldot- IFUPDOWN_IFSTATE_PATH depends on IFUPDOWN
2007-09-02 aldot- Generally strip off -l that does not pull in a lib.
2007-09-02 aldot- fix bug where we linked again -lm even though it...
2007-08-31 vdaisrv: use monotonic_sec
2007-08-29 vdatop: another readability fix
2007-08-29 vdavsz and rss are unsigned longs (ulong ~= width of void* =>
2007-08-29 vdatop: don't wait before final bailout (try top -b -n1).
2007-08-29 vdamount: allow (and ignore) -i
2007-08-28 vdasmart_ulltoa5: emit small letters k,m,g... - makes top
2007-08-28 vdatop: use poll instead of select for waiting on one...
2007-08-28 vdamount: don't close fd twice in NFS code
2007-08-27 vdacp: fix recursion check to not waste bytes remembering...
2007-08-27 vdacp: detect and prevent infinite recursion
2007-08-26 vdaps: fix RSS parsing (rss field in /proc/PID/stat is...
2007-08-26 vdaadd links to vda's pet projects
2007-08-26 vdainstall: shrink a bit, fix two buglets
2007-08-25 vdaStart a small document "why ifupdown is bad"
2007-08-25 vdamake copy_file() a bit easier to understand, and smaller
2007-08-25 vdasupport "#!/bin/busybox"-style wrappers. Needed for...
2007-08-25 aldot- add Yann's email-addr
2007-08-24 vdacp,mv: simpler arg[cv] handling -> smallish code savings
2007-08-24 aldot- cosmetic html cleanup
2007-08-24 aldot- obfuscate addrs a little bit
2007-08-24 vdacp: make POSIX-me-harder mode complain with a bit less...
2007-08-24 vdaspelling fixes to website
2007-08-24 vdaCosmetic fixes to webpage
2007-08-24 vdaadd missed attribution to httpd sendfile support
2007-08-24 vdaStart 1.8.x cycle
2007-08-24 vdanews.html: add 1.7.0 announcement
2007-08-24 vdaUpdate defconfig; fix comments
2007-08-23 vdabuild system: stop moaning about unset integer CONFIGs.
2007-08-23 vda*: compile fixes for 64-bit build
2007-08-23 vdahttpd: code shrink of dir indexer example
2007-08-22 vdalogin: fixes for PAM build
2007-08-22 vdahttpd: style fix in indexer example
2007-08-22 vdahttpd: replace shell-based dir indexer cgi example...
2007-08-21 vdahttpd: fix buglet in hex conversion. Remove alloca...
2007-08-21 vdalogin: optional support for PAM
2007-08-21 vdas/communal/common/ part 2
2007-08-21 vdas/communal/common/
2007-08-21 vdahttpd: add optional support for error pages
2007-08-20 vdarunit/*: get rid of tai[a] time abstraction, it's too...
2007-08-19 vdaremoved stray debugging comments
2007-08-19 vdamax_option_length[] holds small ints, uint8_t is enough
2007-08-19 vdahttpd: explain IP/mask parsing, and simplify it a bit.
2007-08-19 vdahttpd: reinstate (much lighter) paranoid connection...
2007-08-19 vdahttpd: get rid of rmt_port and setenv_log
2007-08-19 vdahttpd: get rid of sscanf usage. Rename some variables.
2007-08-19 vdacrond: code shrink
2007-08-19 vdalibbb,crond,lash: fix getopt32 (don't know how it manag...
2007-08-18 vdacrond: don't start sendmail with absolute path
2007-08-18 vdadon't pass argc in getopt32, it's superfluous
2007-08-18 vdahttpd: stop reading headers using 1-byte read()
2007-08-18 vdamake standalone httpd work on NOMMU machines
2007-08-18 vdaget rid of server_ and accepted_socket globals.
2007-08-18 vdaintroduce and use xdup2(int, int)
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 7 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 6 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 5 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 4 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 3 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 2 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shring and logging update, part 1 or 7
2007-08-17 vdaremove stray newline from help text
2007-08-17 vdaassorted fixes for breakage found by randomconfig
2007-08-16 vdaadd comments regarding SO_REUSEADDR
2007-08-16 vdaComment out "#include <strings.h>" everywhere
2007-08-16 vdafind: fix SELinux-related warning
2007-08-16 vdamodprobe: add scanning of /lib/modules/`uname -r`/modul...
2007-08-16 vdahdparm: shrink rodata by ~250 bytes
2007-08-16 vdawhitespace fixes, no code changes
2007-08-15 vdamore: by Tristan Schmelcher <tpkschme@engmail.uwaterloo...
2007-08-15 vdav[hp]error_msg have 2-3 callsites only -> incorporate...
2007-08-15 vdaif pidfile turned out to be !regular file, do not unlin...
2007-08-15 vdadhcpd: make -S and -f actually work
2007-08-14 vdahttpd: add -v[v]: prints client addresses, HTTP codes...