2005-02-13 mjn3Add 'nice' and replace 'renice' with a new implementation.
2005-02-11 andersenTakeharu KATO writes:
2005-02-10 solar- no need to check if JOBS is defined. ensure...
2005-02-09 solar- add ash read -t timeout support. initial code provide...
2005-02-09 andersenfix typo
2005-02-09 andersenupdate
2005-02-09 andersenCut-n-paste strikes again
2005-02-09 andersenRemove mention of CVS and instead point to Subversion
2005-01-31 andersenUpdate the bug submission stuff to point to bugs.busybo...
2005-01-24 landleyAdd me as sort maintainer.
2005-01-24 landleySort rewrite to be SUSv3 compliant. New config option...
2005-01-24 landleyMuch bigger to-do list.
2005-01-14 andersenfix spelling
2005-01-13 andersenminor doc cleanup
2005-01-13 andersenMention the new bug tracking system
2005-01-07 vapiercp: make -P a synonym for -d
2005-01-04 andersenDear andersen:
2005-01-03 andersenperhaps a better fix
2004-12-26 vapieralpha/parisc support
2004-12-20 andersenfix typo
2004-12-17 landleyMinor in-passing crapectomy.
2004-12-09 landleyWorkaround for uClibc-specific header problem described...
2004-12-08 solar- CONFIG_FEATURE_READLINK_FOLLOW readlink -f patch...
2004-12-06 vapiermerge from udhcp module
2004-11-25 landleyHiroshi found another bug. Currently sed's $ triggers...
2004-11-16 landleyDon't document compiler warnings. _FIX_ compiler warnings.
2004-11-02 pkjCorrect the install-hardlinks target the same way as...
2004-10-30 landleyAlright, I guess I should be in this too...
2004-10-30 landleyHiroshi Ito found some bugs. The 'c' command (cut...
2004-10-27 andersen1.00 is stable
2004-10-18 andersenmention scratchbox and openembedded
2004-10-13 andersenegor duda writes:
2004-10-13 andersenprepare for release
2004-10-13 andersenreturn failure when nslookup fails
2004-10-13 andersenSimon Poole writes:
2004-10-13 andersenMake certain clients of bb_make_directory default to...
2004-10-11 andersenPatch from David Daney:
2004-10-08 andersenoops
2004-10-08 andersenunmerged fix
2004-10-08 andersenBump version
2004-10-08 andersenFix the supported architectures section
2004-10-08 andersenAdd an initial FAQ
2004-10-08 andersenFix CONFIG_ASH_MATH_SUPPORT_64 so it actually works
2004-10-08 andersenPatch from Claus Klein to increase, and make more apparent
2004-10-08 andersenWade Berrier writes:
2004-10-08 andersenPatch from Denis Vlasenko to fix a problem where
2004-10-08 andersenHiroshi Ito writes:
2004-10-08 andersenHiroshi Ito writes:
2004-10-08 andersenHiroshi Ito writes:
2004-10-08 andersenHiroshi Ito writes:
2004-10-08 andersenTito writes:
2004-10-08 andersenlast_patch139.gz from Vladimir N. Oleynik:
2004-10-08 andersenAs noticed by egor duda, current_menu is declared as...
2004-10-08 andersenegor duda writes:
2004-10-08 andersenPatch from Michael Tokarev:
2004-10-07 andersenMake it more apparent that archive creation is not...
2004-09-30 bug1Patch from William Barsse to fix a segfault when multip...
2004-09-24 bug1Patch from Dmitry Zakharov to fix a bug triggered by...
2004-09-24 bug1Patch from Egor Duda
2004-09-24 bug1Fix a typo
2004-09-24 bug1Remove this error message at Vodz request, it was misle...
2004-09-24 bug1Patch from David Daney to make the -i option work with -l.
2004-09-24 andersenA bit of extra explanation regarding STANDALONE
2004-09-23 andersenAdd some notes on how to make telnetd actually work
2004-09-15 bug1Add a missing brace, patch by Hideki IWAMOTO
2004-09-15 bug1Tito writes,
2004-09-15 bug1Only write to shadow file is shadow passwords are enabl...
2004-09-15 bug1Patch by Felipe Kellermann, use the common escape handl...
2004-09-14 bug1remove a cut/paste mistake, i better get some sleep.
2004-09-14 bug1Apply patch from Felipe Kellermann to simlify logic...
2004-09-14 bug1Patch by Felipe Kellermann, fix a bug introduced in...
2004-09-14 bug1Patch from Felipe Kellermann, remove some unnecessary...
2004-09-14 bug1Patch from Felipe Kellermann, adds missing applet usage...
2004-09-14 bug1Patch from tito to add argument checking.
2004-09-14 bug1I have to assume both Avaks and LSILogic are deliberatl...
2004-09-08 andersenFixup URL
2004-09-08 andersenFelipe Kellermann writes:
2004-09-08 andersenPatrick Huesmann noticed BusyBox would not link when
2004-09-02 andersenJonas Holmberg from axis dot com writes:
2004-09-02 andersenNo longer needed
2004-09-02 andersenBased on patches from Mike Frysinger, add insmod suppor...
2004-09-02 andersenTito writes:
2004-09-02 andersenTito writes:
2004-08-28 andersenFixup some warnings
2004-08-27 andersenQuiet a few warnings
2004-08-26 andersenTogg writes:
2004-08-26 andersenImprove the setuid situation a bit, and make it more...
2004-08-26 andersenThe login applet should always be setuid root
2004-08-26 andersenTito writes:
2004-08-26 andersenSave a line or two
2004-08-26 andersenVladimir N. Oleynik writes:
2004-08-26 andersenTito writes:
2004-08-26 andersenFelipe Kellermann writes:
2004-08-25 bug1Patch from Manousaridis Angelos to cleanup stale file...
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Rodney Radford adding x86_64 support.
2004-08-19 andersenregularly update the status line display
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Mike Castle to cleanup some modutils issues, in
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Tito adding support for '-q'
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Tito documenting the '-q' option
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Vladimir N. Oleynik: