2000-01-06 erikAdd in sample inittab file
2000-01-06 erikinittab is now perfect. The universe will now submit...
2000-01-06 erikCool. Beppu is doing uniq.
2000-01-06 beppui am busybox of borg. unix will be assimilated.
2000-01-05 erikThe latest and greatest. init basically works, though...
2000-01-05 erikheheh. Forgot the fix. Here it is:
2000-01-05 erik* Grep -i previously failed on UPPER CASE patterns...
2000-01-04 erikBunches of fixes. Typos, bugs, etc.
1999-12-30 erikFirst pass inittab parser written
1999-12-29 erik* sed now supports addresses (numeric or regexp, with...
1999-12-29 erikAdd the beginings of some regression testing. Add...
1999-12-29 erikFixed mv so it now does the right thing (same method...
1999-12-29 erikFixed cp so it works as God intended it to.
1999-12-28 erikFixed a bug where tar would not set the user and group...
1999-12-27 erikAdded changelog
1999-12-27 erikchown(2) clears S_ISUID and S_ISGID, even when chown is
1999-12-23 beppu sort is good to go.
1999-12-23 beppu implemented numeric sort (sort -g)
1999-12-22 beppu oops.. qsort(2) misunderstanding on my part.
1999-12-22 beppuplaying w/ $Log$
1999-12-22 beppu the base is nearly done.
1999-12-22 beppu added hooks for sort
1999-12-22 beppu work in progress...
1999-12-21 beppu this is my work in progress.
1999-12-21 erikAdded grep -q, thanks to a patch from "Konstantin Boldy...
1999-12-21 erikSync to my local tree
1999-12-21 erikFix double quoting bug preventing ininit scripts from...
1999-12-17 erikAdd in first draft of insmod. Not yet working (but...
1999-12-17 erikMake head --version do the right thing. Update TODO...
1999-12-17 erikReworked the source so it will compile and run under...
1999-12-17 erikMinor fixes to rmmod. First pass at insmod (not yet...
1999-12-17 markwFixed correctness of comment in rmmod.c - MKW
1999-12-16 erikAdded an AUTHORS file to acknowledge the folks that...
1999-12-16 erikWrote rmmod for busybox.
1999-12-16 beppu killed an elusive bug in du -s.
1999-12-16 erikFix bugs in logger and syslogd. Add fbset.
1999-12-15 erikAdded lsmod
1999-12-15 beppu made note of my recent changes
1999-12-15 beppu fixed an embarrasing segfault (head w/ no args
1999-12-15 beppu Implemented du -s
1999-12-15 erikTurn off loadkmap and loadfont. We won't be needing...
1999-12-12 andersenAdded the list of available commands.
1999-12-11 andersenFixed spelling of my name. Geez.
1999-12-11 andersenOk, so this is reallt 0.38...
1999-12-11 andersenSet version to 0.39
1999-12-11 andersenMinor updates
1999-12-10 beppu Removed a redundant call du(); Save cpu cycles.
1999-12-10 beppu damnit.
1999-12-10 andersenFixed John's email address again.
1999-12-10 andersenAdded poweroff (and adjusted init to use it). Inlined...
1999-12-10 beppu less TODO
1999-12-10 beppu Implemented head(1).
1999-12-10 beppu changed tee_usage from being a function to a char[]
1999-12-10 beppu Fixed bug when dealing with files specified
1999-12-10 andersenMake sure the world knows who "beppu" is.
1999-12-10 andersenFix beppu's email address.
1999-12-10 beppu Fleshed out du_main().
1999-12-10 beppu less TODO
1999-12-10 beppu Implemented tee(1).
1999-12-09 beppuminor changelog update
1999-12-09 andersenAdjustments for Johns init stuff,
1999-12-09 beppu findInitPid() has been implemented and it seems...
1999-12-09 beppu du is done
1999-12-09 beppu Modified to include du
1999-12-09 beppu This is my preliminary
1999-12-09 andersen* Fixed rebooting from init. I'd left some debugging...
1999-12-09 andersenTail now works (costs 6k). Several other updates.
1999-12-09 andersenAdded an empty line for no reason.
1999-12-09 andersenFixed spelling error
1999-12-09 andersen* my_getid was leaking file descriptors, causing 'ls...
1999-12-08 andersenLatest and greatest
1999-12-08 andersenStuf
1999-12-08 andersenFixes
1999-12-08 andersenStuf
1999-12-07 andersenStuf
1999-12-07 andersenStuf
1999-12-05 andersenStuf
1999-12-05 andersensyslogd and klogd work now.
1999-12-03 andersenFixes
1999-12-03 andersenStuf
1999-11-29 andersenSqtuf
1999-11-29 andersenFix up changelog
1999-11-29 andersenFixed tar so uid/gud/permissions on extracted tarballs...
1999-11-27 andersenFixes
1999-11-27 andersenStuf
1999-11-26 andersenChanges
1999-11-26 andersenStuf
1999-11-25 andersenStuf
1999-11-25 andersenStuf
1999-11-24 andersenFirst draft
1999-11-23 andersenStuf
1999-11-22 andersenBug fixes
1999-11-22 andersenStuf
1999-11-22 andersenFix bugs
1999-11-21 andersenStuf
1999-11-19 andersenLatest n greatest
1999-11-19 andersenStuf
1999-11-19 andersenStuf
1999-11-19 andersenStuf
1999-11-18 andersenStuf