2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying patch from:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplyinf fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix from:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfmuch more concise fix for bug #45. just align the...
2005-07-20 landleyIf /tmp and /home were different partitions, then ...
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix from:
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix from;
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix from:
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix from:
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix from:
2005-07-19 pgfapplying:
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-18 andersenFixup makedevs to handle regular files, and also fix
2005-07-18 pgffix for "0000027: patch: nc will spin if stdin closed"
2005-07-18 pgfallow both ^H and DEL to backspace in insert mode ...
2005-07-18 andersenFix vi so that error messages, insert mode messages...
2005-07-18 andersena bit more polish
2005-07-18 andersena bit of polish on makedevs
2005-07-18 andersenthe makedevs config option was pretty much totally...
2005-07-18 andersenFixup device table based makedevs so it actually works
2005-07-06 vapiermove var decls around a little to help gcc make smaller...
2005-07-06 vapier2005-07-04 Shaun Jackman <>
2005-07-06 vapier2005-07-05 Shaun Jackman <>
2005-07-05 vapierrename log var to log_console so we dont override inter...
2005-07-01 vapier2005-06-30 Shaun Jackman <>
2005-07-01 vapier2005-06-30 Shaun Jackman <>
2005-07-01 vapierPatch by jonlar in Bug 312 to split the U_W_TMP feature...
2005-06-30 vapierpatch by Shaun Jackman to combine dup/close funcs into...
2005-06-29 vapierdont use f_frsize unless linux-2.6.0 or better
2005-06-28 vapierrip out all the non-linux code and ugly workarounds
2005-06-24 vapiertweak signed/unsigned char usage to avoid mismatches
2005-06-24 solar- remove extra/unneeded function call. testing svn
2005-06-23 andersenEnabling runtime SUID/SGID configuration via /etc/busyb...
2005-06-23 andersenapplets specified as _BB_SUID_ALWAYS in applets.h shoul...
2005-06-23 andersencharacters encoded as html should have a trailing semicolon
2005-06-20 landleyRodney Radford submitted ipcs and ipcrm (system V IPC...
2005-06-17 vapierTito says: unify verbose/quiet flags
2005-06-17 vapierTito says: strip unused program_name
2005-06-12 vapieruse xmalloc instead of malloc
2005-06-11 vapieruse malloc instead of xmalloc
2005-06-11 vapieruse xmalloc() instead of malloc()
2005-06-11 vapieruse xmalloc() and bb_perror_msg_and_die()
2005-06-11 landleyNote that memory allocaiton needs to be cleaned up...
2005-06-11 vapierremove com_err.h includes
2005-06-11 vapierDOS only crap
2005-06-11 vapierimport initial fat mke2fs
2005-06-11 vapierimport tune2fs support
2005-06-11 vapierfix signed/unsigned char pointers
2005-06-11 vapieroops, we only want to affect local CFLAGS
2005-06-11 vapierinitial fat tune2fs/findfs/e2label source
2005-06-11 vapierreplace simple is_null func with a memcmp define
2005-06-11 vapierforce including of e2fsbb.h and move the HAVE_* defines...
2005-06-11 vapiermove config.h requirement to the actual .depend target...
2005-06-11 vapiermake sure clean removes objects in subdirs
2005-06-11 vapierneed strings.h for ffs()
2005-06-11 vapieronly define some variables if legacy EXT2FS_ENABLE_SWAP...
2005-06-11 vapierreplace simple functions with defines
2005-06-11 vapierwhitespace updates
2005-06-11 vapierreplace functions with defines
2005-06-11 vapierwhitespace updates
2005-06-11 vapierwhitespace updates
2005-06-11 vapierrecode functions to shrink size
2005-06-11 vapiersetup the HAVE_* defines
2005-06-09 andersenAbout time to just apply this and kill off the patches
2005-06-07 landleyTito posted a devfsd error message fix. It's highly...
2005-06-07 landleyClean up strings.c to use busybox's option processing...
2005-06-07 landleyPatch from Dmitry Zakharov:
2005-06-07 landleyThus spake Brenda J. Butler:
2005-05-28 landleyShaun Jackman submitted a patch converting an allocatio...
2005-05-28 landleyPatch from Shaun Jackman to save a few bytes.
2005-05-26 landleyTobias Krawutschke found a bug where the DHCP client...
2005-05-20 lethalAdd readprofile applet support.
2005-05-18 landleyPatch from Colin Watson (mangled slightly by Rob Landley):
2005-05-18 landleyDoug Swarin pointed out a security bug in the -i option...
2005-05-16 vapieruse more busybox functions and remove redundant code
2005-05-16 vapiermake sure we add the local dir to the include path
2005-05-15 landleyTito pointed out I'd broken -t (argv[optind] can't...
2005-05-14 landleyAdd automatic umount support to eject command. Patch...
2005-05-13 vapieras Rob Landley pointed out, need to fix the 1 versus...
2005-05-13 vapierblah, forgot to save last time to fix whitespacing
2005-05-13 vapierremove duplicated code and rework algorithms to end...
2005-05-12 vapieruse a bunch of if statements since it is a few bytes...
2005-05-12 vapiererr, added 2 to the wrong var :) also touchup the optio...
2005-05-12 vapierfix segfault if user only specifies 1 file
2005-05-12 vapierupdate usage to match actual behavior
2005-05-12 vapierfix whitespace/coding style
2005-05-12 vapieradd missing comm.o rule
2005-05-12 vapierwhitespace touchups
2005-05-11 andersenThis makefile was a mess. Fix it to work as intended.
2005-05-11 landleySmall comm implementatin from Rob Sullivan. Needed...
2005-05-11 vapierimport ether-wake applet by haveaniceday Bug 252