2002-12-05 bug1Usage for klogd -c
2002-12-05 andersenFix a silly oversight breaking cross compilation
2002-12-05 andersenYet another major rework of the BusyBox config system...
2002-12-05 andersenKill CONFIG_FEATURE_USE_DEVPS_PATCH and the devps patch...
2002-12-04 bug1Unlink before mkdir, mknod, symlink to overwrite
2002-12-03 sandman - the number of commands in the history list is now...
2002-12-03 sandmanprint an error message if we can't load a module
2002-12-03 bug1Fix crashme code, by Jim Treadway
2002-12-03 bug1Save 10 bytes or so, last_patch_70 from Vladimir N...
2002-12-03 sandmanA missing /etc/securetty is not an error when checking...
2002-12-02 bug1last_patch_69, 8 bit clean and other fixes from Vladimi...
2002-12-02 bug1Its move to
2002-12-02 bug1Use compare_string_array in ipaddress to save a few...
2002-12-02 bug1Save a few more bytes
2002-12-02 bug1Save a hundred bytes or so on the do_iproute function
2002-12-02 bug1Move compare_string_array to libbb
2002-12-01 bug1Enable ip commands to be compiled seperate from ip...
2002-12-01 bug1fix warning
2002-12-01 bug1Fix the package name, patch from Bastian Blank
2002-12-01 bug1Build files from Bastian Blank
2002-12-01 bug1add the -c option, modified version of a patch from...
2002-12-01 bug1Patch from Bastian Blank (waldi) for debian installer
2002-11-28 bug1I miscalculated on this one, change it back
2002-11-28 bug1Clean up error messages
2002-11-28 bug1Minor error messages changes
2002-11-28 bug1Cleanup error messages
2002-11-28 bug1Cleanup error messages
2002-11-28 bug1Syntax error
2002-11-28 aaronlChange if(x)free(x); to free(x);
2002-11-28 bug1Style, error_msg
2002-11-28 bug1Style
2002-11-28 bug1Woops, forgot they printout applet name as well....
2002-11-28 bug1Use standard error messages
2002-11-28 bug1Use error_msg instead of fprintf(stderr
2002-11-28 bug1Use error_msg instead of fprintf(stderr
2002-11-28 bug1Use error_msg instead of fprintf(stderr
2002-11-28 bug1Use error_msg( instead of fprintf(stderr
2002-11-28 bug1Use error_msg instead of fprintf(stderr, other minor...
2002-11-28 bug1Style, minor cleanups
2002-11-28 bug1Use error_msg instead of fprintf(stderr
2002-11-28 bug1Use error_msg instead of fprintf(stderr
2002-11-28 bug1Use erorr_msg( isntead of fprintf(stderr,
2002-11-28 bug1Use error_msg instead of printf(stderr
2002-11-28 bug1Style
2002-11-28 bug1Use printf instead of fprintf(stdout
2002-11-28 bug1Save a few bytes in show_usage
2002-11-28 bug1left out a \"
2002-11-28 bug1This test was hanging
2002-11-27 bug1Adds a dummy entry to make it easier to make custom...
2002-11-27 bug1Install symlinks for the udeb, dont install changelogs...
2002-11-27 bug1last_patch_68 from Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-11-27 bug1Check that one and only one of the [cxt] options is...
2002-11-26 bug1fdisk applet by Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-11-26 bug1Name package busybox-unstable to keep a clean seperatio...
2002-11-26 bug1use #ifdef CONFIG_* instead of #if CONFIG_*
2002-11-26 bug1Required file for busybox-doc package
2002-11-26 bug1Store a custom Rules.mak file to enable buildign static...
2002-11-26 bug1use #ifdef instead of #if
2002-11-26 bug1Include heaps of options as is tradional with this deb
2002-11-26 bug1Use #ifdef instead of #if
2002-11-26 bug1Fix simple syntax error
2002-11-26 bug1Make a seperate busybox-doc package
2002-11-25 bug1Use vfork instead of fork, some more cleanup from Vladi...
2002-11-25 bug1Handle name entries that have a \0 in them, last_patch_...
2002-11-25 bug1last_patch_67 from Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-11-24 bug1Dont need a seperate function
2002-11-24 bug1When making parent directories set permissions based...
2002-11-24 bug1Add an input buffer (currently 32kB) to speed things...
2002-11-24 bug1include libbb after stdlib.h as it breaks dmalloc
2002-11-23 bug1Fix long filename support
2002-11-23 bug1New rules file for unstable
2002-11-22 bug1Config file for the static deb, based on options from...
2002-11-22 bug1Config file for the standard debian package based on...
2002-11-22 bug1The tunnel option isnt required for the ip command
2002-11-22 bug1Update configuration options
2002-11-22 bug1Config file for udeb based on options from 0.60.5
2002-11-21 bug1Fix a vfork bug, by Nick Fedchik and Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-11-20 bug1Add entry for Laurence Anderson
2002-11-20 bug1Speed and memory usage improvements from Laurence Adnerson
2002-11-20 bug1read_gz patch 3 from Laurence Anderson
2002-11-19 bug1Headers for the read_gz changes
2002-11-19 bug1Dont use xargs
2002-11-19 bug1dont use the -i option of xargs
2002-11-19 bug1Use read_gz, remove fork() woohoo!
2002-11-19 russudhcpc documentation update
2002-11-18 bug1Use error_msg_and_die, style
2002-11-17 bug1Remove mapping option, its should always be used
2002-11-17 bug1Patch from Laurence Anderson to provide a read_gz funct...
2002-11-16 bug1Remove #defines around get_header_ptr, we allways need it.
2002-11-15 bug1Use vfork, by vodz
2002-11-15 bug1Allow short reads as we are looping anyway.
2002-11-15 andersenPatch from Bastian Blank:
2002-11-15 bug1Dont chdir untill after we open the archive
2002-11-14 andersenPatch from Marcel Hamer to fix addgroup argument parsing
2002-11-14 andersenA missing securetty file is not an error.
2002-11-13 bug1Minor cleanups
2002-11-12 bug1Reduce block size to 512 to prevent short read's when...
2002-11-11 bug1Make ifupdown use internal run_parts
2002-11-11 bug1Move awk from textutils to editors. Cleanup run-parts...
2002-11-11 bug1Move readlink, mktemp, run-parts and which to a new...