2004-09-02 andersenNo longer needed
2004-09-02 andersenBased on patches from Mike Frysinger, add insmod suppor...
2004-09-02 andersenTito writes:
2004-09-02 andersenTito writes:
2004-08-28 andersenFixup some warnings
2004-08-27 andersenQuiet a few warnings
2004-08-26 andersenTogg writes:
2004-08-26 andersenImprove the setuid situation a bit, and make it more...
2004-08-26 andersenThe login applet should always be setuid root
2004-08-26 andersenTito writes:
2004-08-26 andersenSave a line or two
2004-08-26 andersenVladimir N. Oleynik writes:
2004-08-26 andersenTito writes:
2004-08-26 andersenFelipe Kellermann writes:
2004-08-25 bug1Patch from Manousaridis Angelos to cleanup stale file...
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Rodney Radford adding x86_64 support.
2004-08-19 andersenregularly update the status line display
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Mike Castle to cleanup some modutils issues, in
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Tito adding support for '-q'
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Tito documenting the '-q' option
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Vladimir N. Oleynik:
2004-08-18 andersenFixup 'dc' usage
2004-08-16 andersenPrepare for release
2004-08-16 andersenBump version
2004-08-16 andersenOnly pass modprobe module params with 2.6.x kernel...
2004-08-16 andersenDo not use vfork, as init is not vfork safe. Do not...
2004-08-16 andersenBertrand Baudet writes:
2004-08-16 andersenJoe.C writes:
2004-08-16 andersenUse __kernel_old_dev_t for 2.6.x kernels
2004-08-16 andersenAurelien Jacobs writes:
2004-08-14 andersenChristian Ostheimer writes:
2004-08-12 andersenPatch from solar to fix problems with get_name()
2004-08-11 bug1Set default command to list rather than get, its defaul...
2004-08-11 bug1Patch from Mike Castle, dont print an empty line (patch...
2004-08-11 bug1Patch from Tito to fix memory leak upon error.
2004-08-11 bug1Patch from Bastian Blank to add 64 bit support to the...
2004-08-11 bug1Patch from Phil Blundellto improve substring match
2004-08-11 bug1Willian Barsse wrote
2004-08-06 bug1Patch from Tito to fix warnings about redifined functio...
2004-08-06 bug1Part of patch from William Barsse, fixes a problem...
2004-08-04 andersenMichael Leibow, MichaelLe at writes:
2004-08-04 andersenRun msh through indent
2004-08-03 andersenWilliam Barsse writes:
2004-08-03 andersenTito, farmatito at tiscali dot it writes:
2004-08-01 andersenfixup cut-n-paste problem
2004-07-30 andersenSimon Poole reports that awk segfaults when environment...
2004-07-30 andersenFix incorrect arguments being passed to mknod
2004-07-30 andersenUmm. Not guilty by reason of insanity.
2004-07-30 andersenFixup getty, login, etc so the utmp and wtmp are update...
2004-07-30 andersenuse SIGTERM to kill off udhcpd, not SIGKILL
2004-07-30 andersenFix up brain damage with the way major and minor are...
2004-07-30 andersenAs noted by Eric Spakman, calling static_down() and...
2004-07-29 mjn3Clean up hex escape support.
2004-07-28 andersenThanks to Ken Roberts, fix the slackware url
2004-07-27 andersenFelipe Kellermann noticed a missing `break'.
2004-07-26 sandmandocument stuff I have done
2004-07-26 andersenadd missing ;
2004-07-26 andersenbump version to -rc2
2004-07-26 andersenbother. unrevert my fix.
2004-07-26 andersenPrepare for release
2004-07-26 andersenAllow hex escape sequences
2004-07-26 andersenMake certain that udhcp shuts down the interface
2004-07-26 andersenYAEGASHI Takeshi writes:
2004-07-26 andersenoops
2004-07-26 andersenbump version to -rc2
2004-07-26 andersenMake certain that udhcp shuts down the interface
2004-07-26 andersenAllow hex escape sequences
2004-07-26 andersenBusyBox has no business hard coding the number of major...
2004-07-24 andersenPaul Whittaker writes:
2004-07-24 bug1Patch by Paul Whittaker, make busybox dc compatable...
2004-07-24 bug1Update Tito's contributions
2004-07-23 bug1Patch from Felipe Kellermann, fix endless loop when...
2004-07-23 bug1Patch from Felipe Kellermann, fixup usage for pidof...
2004-07-23 bug1Patch from Felipe Kellermann, fixup usage for halt...
2004-07-23 bug1iUpdate reboot usage, patch by Felipe Kellermann
2004-07-23 bug1Patch from Dmitry Zakharov to fix a bug discovered...
2004-07-23 bug1Fix for a bug identied by Harald Kuthe, when using...
2004-07-23 bug1Felipe Kellermann writes,
2004-07-23 bug1Patch from Felipe Kellermann, "There is a call to print...
2004-07-23 bug1Patch from Felipe Kellermann to fix some typo's
2004-07-23 bug1Patch from Adam Slattery to add bzip2 support to rpm2cpio
2004-07-23 bug1Patch from Manousaridis Angelos to bring dhclient down...
2004-07-22 bug1Reverse my previous change, "::" is a GNU getopt extens...
2004-07-22 sandmanPatch from Mike Snitzer <>:
2004-07-21 bug1Patch from Mike Snitzer to fix return codes.
2004-07-21 bug1Fix bug in accepting buffer size argument
2004-07-21 bug1Patch from Tito, ass usage for strings -a options
2004-07-21 bug1Patch from Mike Snitzer, bring down dhclient using...
2004-07-21 bug1Patch from Jean Wolter, fixes compiler warning when...
2004-07-21 bug1Fixup -T (--files-from) option, works for non-directori...
2004-07-20 andersenAvoid a naming conflict with include/bits/fcntl.h
2004-07-20 sandmanPatch from Mike Snitzer <>:
2004-07-20 sandmannew_process_module_arguments returns 0 on error and...
2004-07-20 andersenoops
2004-07-20 andersenYet more doc updates
2004-07-20 andersenmore doc updates
2004-07-20 andersencut-n-paste strikes again
2004-07-20 andersenUpdate for release
2004-07-20 andersenUpdate changelog
2004-07-20 andersenDeal with the fact that 2.6.x kernels replace any ...