2001-11-19 andersenNote tinylogin TODO items
2001-11-19 kraaiFix opt type in dpkg (closes: #118975).
2001-11-19 kraaiAdd a check target.
2001-11-19 kraaiUpdate usage instructions, and document test case format.
2001-11-19 kraaiNew.
2001-11-19 kraaiFix misspelling.
2001-11-19 kraaiNew.
2001-11-19 andersenoops
2001-11-19 andersenMore scrubbing
2001-11-19 andersenCall xmalloc before realloc
2001-11-19 andersenFixup CLEANUP behavior
2001-11-18 andersenUpdate webpage
2001-11-18 bug1bzcat and bunzip -c support from Thomas Lundquist
2001-11-17 andersenHide some ifdefs to make it more readible
2001-11-17 andersenMinor warning cleanups
2001-11-17 andersenPatch from "Andrew Tipton" <> to enabl...
2001-11-17 andersenPatch from Steve Merrifield <
2001-11-17 andersenDavid Kimdon <> noticed a thinko
2001-11-12 kraaiRemove unnecessary errno handling.
2001-11-12 kraaiNew.
2001-11-12 kraaiConvert strdup call to xstrdup, and calloc calls to...
2001-11-12 kraaiChange strdup calls to xstrdup (patch from Steve Merrif...
2001-11-12 kraaiBrag.
2001-11-12 kraaiEliminate unused variable warnings.
2001-11-12 kraaiUse fopen wrapper.
2001-11-10 andersenAdd redhat and slackware
2001-11-10 andersenAdd in Redhat
2001-11-10 andersenSome more minor build cleanups
2001-11-10 andersenAdd in grep -E support
2001-11-10 andersenI forgot to add these. Part of the patch from vodz
2001-11-10 andersenCleanup some config problems. Add a sane default confi...
2001-11-10 andersenOnly use -mpreferred-stack-boundary with gcc versions...
2001-11-10 andersenLatest patch from vodz:
2001-11-10 andersenoops
2001-11-10 andersenCan't use RESERVE_CONFIG_BUFFER here since the allocation
2001-11-10 andersen|2001-10-08 Rodney Brown <>
2001-11-10 andersenMention that glibc-2.2 is supported
2001-11-10 andersenmore entries from Giulio Orsero <giulioo...
2001-11-10 features patch from Giulio Orsero <giulioo...
2001-11-07 andersenRemove comments about 'make bzImage'
2001-11-06 andersenForce main to always be included
2001-11-05 andersenFix spelling
2001-11-03 bug1Fix create list segfault
2001-11-02 bug1Required for od and hexdump applets
2001-11-02 bug1Introduce od and hexdump applets
2001-10-31 kraaiNew.
2001-10-31 kraaiRemove completed task.
2001-10-31 kraaiMark as unsupported unless CONFIG_FEATURE_TAR_EXCLUDE...
2001-10-31 kraaiMake egrep only set REG_EXTENDED flag.
2001-10-31 andersen*** empty log message ***
2001-10-31 andersenFix location of
2001-10-31 andersenMove usage.h to include/usage.h
2001-10-31 andersenPatch from Aaron Lehmann <>;
2001-10-31 andersenAdd netstat applet, submitted by Bart Visscher <magick...
2001-10-31 andersenAdd the run-parts applet submitted by Emanuele Aina
2001-10-31 andersenFixup some silly prototype warnings
2001-10-31 andersenPatch from ASA <> to that source files
2001-10-31 andersenRun parts applet by Emanuele Aina <faina.mail@tiscaline...
2001-10-31 andersenDocument CONFIG_RUN_PARTS, patch from Emanuele Aina...
2001-10-31 andersenAdd Gennady Feldman
2001-10-31 andersenstart-stop-deamon is done
2001-10-31 andersenPatch from Charles Steinkuehler <charles@steinkuehler...
2001-10-31 andersenMajor cleanup from Charles Steinkuehler <charles@steink...
2001-10-31 andersenpatch from vodz:
2001-10-31 andersenpatch from Giulio Orsero <>
2001-10-31 beppu- fixed typos
2001-10-30 kraaiMerge test suite.
2001-10-29 kraaiUse extended regular expressions when invoked as egrep...
2001-10-29 kraaiAdd killall (noted by Giulio Orsero).
2001-10-28 andersenAs Aaron Lehmann just pointed out, I forgot a line...
2001-10-28 andersenUse error_msg() instead of fprintf(stderr, ...)
2001-10-28 andersenAdd in some (theoretical) uClinux support. Some init...
2001-10-27 bug1include unistd which provides off_t for the header...
2001-10-27 bug1Attempt to fix libc compiling error regarding off_t
2001-10-27 andersenBe extra pedantic about printing the correct type for...
2001-10-27 andersenWrap exclude_file() inside a #ifdef CONFIG_FEATURE_TAR_...
2001-10-26 gfeldmanFix up the configuration rules and update Libc5 piece...
2001-10-25 bug1Menu entry for tar creation support
2001-10-25 bug1Recovery from previous commit
2001-10-25 bug1rEcover from my previous commit
2001-10-25 bug1libunarchive, and recovery from my previous commit
2001-10-25 bug1Move libbb/unarchive functions to ./archival/libunarchive
2001-10-25 bug1Recovering from my previous commit
2001-10-25 bug1Modify applets to use libunarchive
2001-10-25 bug1*** empty log message ***
2001-10-25 andersenOops. I forgot pwd_group/
2001-10-24 andersenignore .menuconfig.log
2001-10-24 andersenIgnore lxdialog
2001-10-24 kraaiSplit true and false into separate applets.
2001-10-24 kraaiAdd CONFIG_FEATURE_TAR_EXCLUDE support.
2001-10-24 andersenFix variable name -- was stuck at the old RPMUNPACK...
2001-10-24 andersenOops. Fix capililization
2001-10-24 andersenFixup the location of pwd.h and grp.h
2001-10-24 andersenFix missing BB_VER defines
2001-10-24 andersenOops. As Aaron Lehmann <> just noticed,
2001-10-24 andersenPatch from vodz:
2001-10-24 andersenFixup the new buildsystem a bit.
2001-10-24 andersenIgnore generated files
2001-10-24 andersenignore generated files
2001-10-24 andersenA couple of leftovers