fix bug #474:
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / e2fsprogs /
2005-11-26 vodzremove bug: fsck do not know path
2005-11-26 vodzchange the interface of libbb/compare_string_array...
2005-11-26 vodzmore use const for interface of libbb/compare_string_ar...
2005-10-20 vodzanother more const
2005-10-15 vodzmore const, all data to text
2005-10-12 vodzperror correction
2005-10-12 vodzcreate e2fs_set_sbin_path(), noticed by Tito, Thanks
2005-10-12 vodzusage bb_dev_null
2005-10-12 vodzmake fsck.h as common, e2fsck: includes correct
2005-10-12 vodzmore busyboxes, remove 1 extern function (mainstream...
2005-10-12 vodzmore busyboxes
2005-10-10 vodzbb_mkdep: Rewroted. removed problem "include name must...
2005-10-05 aldot- Fix spurious rebuilds for (parallel) out-of-tree...
2005-10-05 aldot- fix building out-of-tree;
2005-10-05 vapieras Tito points out, e2fsck and fsck need more dependencies
2005-10-02 vapierexcellent shrinkage patch by Tito
2005-10-02 vapierclean out unneeded E2FSCK variables
2005-09-30 aldottypo
2005-09-30 aldot- remove duplicate entry of resolve.c in BLKID_SRC
2005-09-29 vodzchange interface to bb_xasprintf() - more perfect for me.
2005-09-29 vodzforgotten putenv
2005-09-29 vodzmore busybox's style for fsck.c, size reduce
2005-09-28 vodzmore const, inline, forward declaration usage, strip...
2005-09-27 vodzmove e2fsck/* to e2fsck.c, one e2fsck_main and jornal...
2005-09-27 vapierfix building w/out et headers and w/out debug
2005-09-25 vapierfix building with debugging enabled #413
2005-09-24 vapierforce nodebug by default
2005-09-24 vapieruse the shorter license header
2005-09-24 vapierimport the very fat e2fsck/fsck applets
2005-09-24 vapiermake sure we include local header files
2005-09-24 vapiererr, fix stupid mistake in previous do_findfs() change
2005-09-24 vapieruse brief license line
2005-09-24 vapierfix broken whitespace and remove pointless mkdir
2005-09-24 vapiermake e2label and findfs optional
2005-09-19 vodzhmm, forgoten remove llseek?
2005-09-19 vodzmke2fs.c can compiled for me, more bb_xstrdup and bb_xa...
2005-09-07 landleyFix warnings.
2005-08-24 landleyBernhard Fischer submitted a couple of Makefile patches:
2005-07-30 vapieronly declare do_swap if we need it
2005-07-30 vapierapgo in Bug 351 says: punt parse_version_number since...
2005-07-27 vapieruse toplevel ARFLAGS and update default ARFLAGS to...
2005-06-28 vapierrip out all the non-linux code and ugly workarounds
2005-06-17 vapierTito says: unify verbose/quiet flags
2005-06-17 vapierTito says: strip unused program_name
2005-06-12 vapieruse xmalloc instead of malloc
2005-06-11 vapieruse malloc instead of xmalloc
2005-06-11 vapieruse xmalloc() instead of malloc()
2005-06-11 vapieruse xmalloc() and bb_perror_msg_and_die()
2005-06-11 vapierremove com_err.h includes
2005-06-11 vapierDOS only crap
2005-06-11 vapierimport initial fat mke2fs
2005-06-11 vapierimport tune2fs support
2005-06-11 vapierfix signed/unsigned char pointers
2005-06-11 vapieroops, we only want to affect local CFLAGS
2005-06-11 vapierinitial fat tune2fs/findfs/e2label source
2005-06-11 vapierreplace simple is_null func with a memcmp define
2005-06-11 vapierforce including of e2fsbb.h and move the HAVE_* defines...
2005-06-11 vapiermake sure clean removes objects in subdirs
2005-06-11 vapierneed strings.h for ffs()
2005-06-11 vapieronly define some variables if legacy EXT2FS_ENABLE_SWAP...
2005-06-11 vapierreplace simple functions with defines
2005-06-11 vapierwhitespace updates
2005-06-11 vapierreplace functions with defines
2005-06-11 vapierwhitespace updates
2005-06-11 vapierwhitespace updates
2005-06-11 vapierrecode functions to shrink size
2005-06-11 vapiersetup the HAVE_* defines
2005-05-16 vapiermake sure we add the local dir to the include path
2005-05-11 andersenThis makefile was a mess. Fix it to work as intended.
2005-05-09 vapierimport more libs to prep for new e2fsprogs
2005-05-09 vapierimport ext2fs lib to prep for new e2fsprogs
2005-05-09 vapierno longer applies
2005-05-09 vapierimport base_device.c for fsck
2005-05-09 vapierremove unused files
2005-05-09 vapiertrim out useless defines and use some busybox funcs
2005-05-09 vapieroverride nls P_() macro
2005-05-07 vapierpatch by Tito which uses a lot more busybox functions...
2005-05-07 vapierupdate e2p target to match condensed files
2005-05-07 vapierpatch by Tito which unifies common get/set functions...
2005-05-07 vapieradd/remove defines to handle more e2fsprogs
2005-04-25 vapieruse a generic error message
2005-04-25 vapieruse asprintf in place of malloc/sprintf as suggested...
2005-04-25 vapierbbify to shrink size
2005-04-24 vapiersvn didnt auto add these ...
2005-04-24 vapieradd new subdir for e2fsprogs