httpd: small auth and IPv6 fixes (Kim B. Heino <>)
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / networking / httpd.c
2007-09-25 vdahttpd: small auth and IPv6 fixes (Kim B. Heino <Kim...
2007-09-23 vdahttpd: simplify CGI i/o loop. -200 bytes.
2007-09-21 vdahttpd: optional support for partial downloads
2007-09-15 vdahttpd: do not clear environment
2007-08-21 vdahttpd: fix buglet in hex conversion. Remove alloca...
2007-08-21 vdahttpd: add optional support for error pages
2007-08-19 vdaremoved stray debugging comments
2007-08-19 vdahttpd: explain IP/mask parsing, and simplify it a bit.
2007-08-19 vdahttpd: reinstate (much lighter) paranoid connection...
2007-08-19 vdahttpd: get rid of rmt_port and setenv_log
2007-08-19 vdahttpd: get rid of sscanf usage. Rename some variables.
2007-08-18 vdadon't pass argc in getopt32, it's superfluous
2007-08-18 vdahttpd: stop reading headers using 1-byte read()
2007-08-18 vdamake standalone httpd work on NOMMU machines
2007-08-18 vdaget rid of server_ and accepted_socket globals.
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 7 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 6 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 5 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 4 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 3 of 7
2007-08-17 vdahttpd shrink and logging update, part 2 of 7
2007-08-16 vdawhitespace fixes, no code changes
2007-08-14 vdahttpd: add -v[v]: prints client addresses, HTTP codes...
2007-08-14 vdahttpd: extend -p PORT to -p [IP[v6]:]PORT
2007-08-13 vdahttpd: round down sendfile byte count to 64k
2007-08-12 vdahttpd: sendfile support
2007-08-12 vdatrylink: produce even more info about final link stage
2007-08-11 vdahttpd: CGI Status: header fix
2007-08-11 vdahttpd: add support for Status: CGI header
2007-08-11 vdahttpd: fix CGI handling bug (we were closing wrong...
2007-07-21 vdafix typo in last commit
2007-07-21 vdaThree patches from FreeWRT people
2007-06-30 vdaintroduce and use bb_basename()
2007-06-25 vdaConsolidate ARRAY_SIZE macro; remove one unneeded globa...
2007-06-23 vdahttpd: NOMMU fixes by Alex Landau <landau_alex@yahoo...
2007-06-09 vdahttpd: move data off bss.
2007-05-26 vdausage.c: remove reference to busybox.h
2007-04-18 vda"Unify base64 handling" is done, remove TODO
2007-04-13 vdateach find_root_device to deal with /dev/ subdirs
2007-04-11 vdaadd more convenient defines for [NO]MMU:
2007-04-04 aldot- sed -e "s/char[[:space:]]*\*[[:space:]]*argv\[\]...
2007-03-26 vdaAttempt to get more applets compile for NOMMU.
2007-03-26 vdamove everything to new NOMMU helpers, except udhcp
2007-03-07 vdahttpd: make httpd usable for NOMMU CPUs
2007-03-07 vdaclean up accumulated whitespace damage
2007-03-05 vdahttpd: run interpreter for configured file extensions...
2007-03-05 vdahttpd: fix breakage (introduced by me)
2007-02-13 vdahttpd: a little bit more correct handling of CGI "HTTP...
2007-02-11 vdahttpd: fix for POSTDATA handling bugs:
2007-02-03 vdasuppress warnings about easch <applet>_main() having
2007-01-29 vdapreparatory patch for -Wwrite-strings #4
2007-01-22 vdacleanups: unnecessary casts, unified const_1, eliminate...
2007-01-14 vdahttpd: use fd#1 in inetd mode
2007-01-12 vdanext part of ipv6-ization is here: wget & httpd
2007-01-11 vdaTrailing whitespace removal over entire tree
2007-01-07 vdahttpd: stop adding our own "Content-type:" to CGI output
2007-01-03 vdahttpd: read cgi output with full_read, not safe_read
2007-01-03 vdaconvert calloc to xzalloc
2006-12-30 vdadone a dozen of randconfig test. guess what? ALL failed...
2006-11-29 vdahttpd: fix decode of '/' when called via -d
2006-11-28 vdaod: sometime ago I landed BIG od implementation
2006-11-24 vdaheader_verbose_list: stop truncating file size in listing
2006-11-22 vdaintroduce setsockopt_reuseaddr(int fd), setsockopt_broa...
2006-11-21 vdahttpd: comment on QUERY_STRING
2006-11-21 vdahttpd: add link to docs
2006-11-21 vdawget: add TODO
2006-11-21 vdahttpd: slight reduction of #ifdef forest
2006-11-21 vdahttpd: fix cgi-bin/index.cgi support, add example of it,
2006-11-21 vdahttpd: LC_TIME locale _must_ be POSIX to httpd! We...
2006-11-21 vdahttpd: add support for directory indexer (cgi-bin/index...
2006-11-21 vdahttpd: get rid of big, useless blocks (deindent,
2006-11-21 vdahttpd: More robust Content-length: parsing,
2006-11-17 vdahttpd: make Bernhard happier
2006-11-16 vdahttpd: reduce ifdef forest. comment out redundant PATH...
2006-11-16 vdahttpd:
2006-11-16 vdahttpd: add -i (inetd) and -f (foreground) otions.
2006-11-16 vdahttpd: stop being silly with setenv
2006-11-10 vdahttpd: cosmetic fixes (the bug which was being hunted...
2006-11-05 vdahttpd: sendCgi() forked child needs to close opened
2006-10-29 vdafind: a lot more compliant to 'standard' find
2006-10-28 vdals: cleanup part 1
2006-10-20 vdamessage string changes, mostly for consistency, also...
2006-10-08 vdacorrect largefile support, add comments about it.
2006-10-08 vdaattempt to regularize atoi mess.
2006-10-07 vdadd: make it recognize not only 'k' but 'K' too;
2006-10-05 vdahttpd: add -u user[:grp] support
2006-10-03 vdagetopt_ulflags -> getopt32.
2006-10-03 vdalots of silly indent fixes
2006-09-30 vdalsmod: repair indentation
2006-09-26 vdahttpd: sanitize indentation
2006-09-06 vdaImplement optional syslog logging using ordinary
2006-08-03 landleyRemove xcalloc() and convert its callers to xzalloc...
2006-08-03 landleyAttempt to fixup httpd.c to match svn 15767.
2006-08-03 rpjdayMove declaration to be compatible with older gcc's.
2006-07-16 landleyCleaup read() and write() variants, plus a couple of...
2006-05-27 landleyConsolidate #include <sys/time.h> so libbb.h does it.
2006-05-26 vapierfix spelling mistakes
2006-04-28 landleyMore usage.h cleanups, with collateral changes to httpd...
2006-04-14 landleyPatch from Robert P Day to remove standalone code from...
2006-04-14 landleyHard wiring configuration symbol values into the code...