top: add sizeof(G) check; fix style
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / procps / top.c
2007-09-08 vdatop: add sizeof(G) check; fix style
2007-09-08 vdatop: TOPMEM feature - 's(how sizes)' command. +2.5k...
2007-08-29 vdatop: another readability fix
2007-08-29 vdatop: don't wait before final bailout (try top -b -n1).
2007-08-28 vdatop: use poll instead of select for waiting on one...
2007-08-23 vda*: compile fixes for 64-bit build
2007-08-18 vdadon't pass argc in getopt32, it's superfluous
2007-08-17 vdaassorted fixes for breakage found by randomconfig
2007-07-15 vdatop: nested function allows us to reuse some code
2007-07-15 vdatop: make "100%" case less ugly, and shrink code while...
2007-07-15 vdatop: simpler loadavg processing
2007-07-15 vdatop: truncate usernames to 8 chars
2007-06-30 vdatop,ps: improve /proc/PID/cmdinfo reading code
2007-06-30 vdakillall, pidof: use argv0 for process matching too
2007-06-11 vdatop: on user suggestion make percentile calculations...
2007-06-10 vdatop: improve global CPU percentage (smaller & faster...
2007-06-10 vdatop: add config option and code for global CPU % display
2007-05-26 vdausage.c: remove reference to busybox.h
2007-04-19 vdaprocps: remove all global variables
2007-04-16 vdastyle fixes, no code changes
2007-02-08 vapiermake sure ps/top output what they claim: vsz, not rss...
2007-02-03 vdasuppress warnings about easch <applet>_main() having
2007-01-11 vdaTrailing whitespace removal over entire tree
2006-12-30 vdadone a dozen of randconfig test. guess what? ALL failed...
2006-11-05 vdareplace /proc scanning code by more versatile one.
2006-11-05 vdatop: improve CPU% calculation
2006-11-01 vdaPID should be stored in pid_t, not int or long.
2006-10-27 vdatop: batch mode should output all processes
2006-10-14 vdaadd open_read_close() and similar stuff
2006-10-08 vdaattempt to regularize atoi mess.
2006-10-06 vdadnsd fix; option_mask32 added. dnsd needs more love.
2006-10-03 vdagetopt_ulflags -> getopt32.
2006-09-29 vdatop: add support for -b, -n <iterations>
2006-09-09 vdatop: fixed wrong comment, made error message more clear
2006-08-03 landleyRemove bb_ prefixes from xfuncs.c (and a few other...
2006-06-30 landleyMake another warning go away.
2006-06-28 landleyTop was catching sigterm (and fumbling sigint) so it...
2006-06-02 aldot- move #include busybox.h to the very top so we pull...
2006-05-27 landleyConsolidate #include <sys/time.h> so libbb.h does it.
2006-05-19 aldot- make it C89 compatible; Declarations in the middle...
2006-05-04 landleyFix allbareconfig.
2006-04-24 landleyFrom Denis Vlasenko:
2006-04-12 aldot- patch from Denis Vlasenko to add and use bb_xchdir()
2006-02-15 vodzadd last terminal line
2006-02-14 vodzrestore change by Denis Vlasenko: file_to_buf must...
2006-02-13 landleyCleanups from Denis Vlasenko.
2006-01-30 vodzremoved warning "comparison between signed and unsigned...
2006-01-25 timrjust whitespace
2005-11-29 vodzgetopt -> getopt_ulflags. noticed by Rob Sullivan
2005-09-14 vodzFEATURE->ENABLE_FEATURE loses one for 'top' applet
2005-08-27 vapiersome portability fixes by rmh in Bug 395
2005-07-30 vapiertouchup syntax
2005-05-03 landleyA patch from Takeharu KATO to update/fix SE-Linux support.
2005-04-16 andersenPatch from Bernhard Fischer to make a bunch of symbols...
2004-09-14 bug1remove a cut/paste mistake, i better get some sleep.
2004-09-14 bug1Apply patch from Felipe Kellermann to simlify logic...
2004-04-14 andersenLarry Doolittle writes:
2004-03-15 andersenRemove trailing whitespace. Update copyright to includ...
2003-12-08 bug1Splitting statements with #define's can cause trouble...
2003-10-11 andersenPaul Mundt (lethal) writes:
2003-09-15 andersenBe entirely consistant when using ioctl(0, TIOCGWINSZ...
2003-07-03 andersenPatch from Russell Coker:
2003-03-19 mjn3Major coreutils update.
2002-10-22 andersenPatch last_pach62 from vodz. This patch moves all...
2002-09-30 andersenlast_patch58 from vodz:
2002-09-20 andersendon't leak FILEs
2002-09-18 mjn3Commit vodz's patch, plus a tweak to change TracePid...
2002-09-17 andersenAdd a new top applet