Added files to ignore that were missing from the subversion ignore
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / miscutils /
2007-11-17 Michael BrownAdded .gitignore files generated using
2007-11-06 vdafbset: fix buglet where we were using wrong pointer
2007-11-04 vdaifconfig: code shrink
2007-10-30 vdahdparm: code shrink
2007-10-11 vdamt: eliminate vector of structures with pointers (bad...
2007-10-11 vdaadd -fvisibility=hidden to CC flags, mark XXX_main...
2007-10-01 vdaprintf("%s\n") -> puts()
2007-10-01 vda'simple' error message functions by Loic Grenie <loic...
2007-09-30 vdaintroduce and use close_on_exec_on(fd). -50 bytes.
2007-09-29 vdasmall code shrink
2007-09-28 vdahdparm: paranoia-induced fix against theoretical div...
2007-09-28 vdahdparm: more robust (re overflows) code. +38 bytes.
2007-09-28 vdahdparm: reduce possibility of numeric overflow in -T.
2007-09-28 vdahdparm: simplify timing measurement (it wa the last...
2007-09-28 vdahdparm: get rid of static variables
2007-09-27 vdaless: make 'f' page forward
2007-09-27 vdahdparm: use fixed fd #3 for device being interrogated
2007-09-27 vdaintroduce bb_putchar(). saves ~1800 on uclibc (less...
2007-09-27 vdastyle and message text fixes
2007-09-27 vdaintroduce safe_poll (fixes a problem in top)
2007-09-22 vdainclude libbb.h, not busybox.h
2007-09-22 aldot- actually mv microcom.c to miscutils
2007-09-22 vdamove microcom to miscutils
2007-09-05 vdawatchdog: allow millisecond spec (-t 250ms)
2007-08-19 vdacrond: code shrink
2007-08-19 vdalibbb,crond,lash: fix getopt32 (don't know how it manag...
2007-08-18 vdacrond: don't start sendmail with absolute path
2007-08-18 vdadon't pass argc in getopt32, it's superfluous
2007-08-17 vdaassorted fixes for breakage found by randomconfig
2007-08-16 vdahdparm: shrink rodata by ~250 bytes
2007-08-16 vdawhitespace fixes, no code changes
2007-08-13 vdahttpd: round down sendfile byte count to 64k
2007-08-13 vdas/#ifdef CONFIG_/#if ENABLE_/g
2007-08-12 vdatrylink: produce even more info about final link stage
2007-08-03 vdaless: add a bit more robustness in keyboard reading...
2007-08-03 vdattysize: update copyright
2007-08-02 vdattysize: new applet. +200 bytes
2007-07-24 vdaReplace index_in_[sub]str_array with index_in_[sub...
2007-07-21 vdastyle fix (stray space before ';')
2007-07-21 vdaThree patches from FreeWRT people
2007-07-21 vdalibbb: nuke BB_GETOPT_ERROR, always die if there are...
2007-07-19 vdastray trailing tabs removed
2007-07-17 vdaremove accumulated stray trailing whitespace
2007-07-14 vdaxioctl and friends by Tito <>
2007-07-01 vdadevfsd: futher sanitization by Tito <>
2007-07-01 vdadevfsd: indentation fixes
2007-06-30 vdaintroduce and use bb_basename()
2007-06-27 vdadevfsd: style cleanup; size reduction (Tito <farmatito...
2007-06-25 vdadevfsd: fix formatting (Tito <>)
2007-06-25 vdaConsolidate ARRAY_SIZE macro; remove one unneeded globa...
2007-06-17 vdawget: use monotonic_sec instead of gettimeofday
2007-06-17 vdahwclock: size optimizations
2007-06-17 vdatime: *const str = "xxx" ==> str[] = "xxx"
2007-06-17 vdastrings: strings a b was processing a twice, fix that
2007-06-12 vdamove several applets to more correct ex-project. No...
2007-06-04 vdadiff: stop using data/bss
2007-06-04 vdaAudit bb_common_bufsiz usage, add script which looks...
2007-05-31 vdaless: less <HUGEFILE + [End] busy loops, fix it
2007-05-31 vdaless: forgot trivial #if ENABLE_xxxx
2007-05-31 vdadelete tons of extra #includes
2007-05-31 vdause "glibc errno" trick not only for ash, but for entir...
2007-05-31 vdamore: stop using bss
2007-05-31 vdaless: fix very obscure memory corruption bug
2007-05-31 vdaless: stop using data/bss. Code got smaller too.
2007-05-30 vdanmeter: stop using data/bss; reduce amount of reads...
2007-05-30 vdawhitespace fixes
2007-05-26 vdausage.c: remove reference to busybox.h
2007-05-22 vdahdparm: make -T -t code smaller (-194 bytes), and outpu...
2007-05-09 vdaless: fix case when regex search finds nothing
2007-04-16 vdastyle fixes, no code changes
2007-04-13 vdateach find_root_device to deal with /dev/ subdirs
2007-04-12 vdastyle fixes. No code changes
2007-04-11 vdabb_full_fd_action: remove potential xmalloc from NOFORK...
2007-04-10 aldot- use skip_non_whitespace() where appropriate
2007-04-04 aldot- sed -e "s/char[[:space:]]*\*[[:space:]]*argv\[\]...
2007-03-31 vdahdparm: fix multisector mode setting
2007-03-28 vdahdparm: flag variables can easily be smaller than long
2007-03-28 vdahdparm: remove stray static (-200 bytes bss)
2007-03-28 vdahdparm: whitespace style fixes
2007-03-27 vdamake pidfile writing configurable.
2007-03-26 vdaAttempt to get more applets compile for NOMMU.
2007-03-26 vdamove everything to new NOMMU helpers, except udhcp
2007-03-26 vdanmeter: should die if stdout doesn't like him anymore
2007-03-24 vdadc: use common_bufsiz1 for evaluation stack
2007-03-24 vdaNOMMU re-exec trick shuld not depend on existence of...
2007-03-20 vdafix accumulated whitespace and indentation damage
2007-03-14 vdaadjtimex: fix argument types (most importantly, allow...
2007-03-14 vdawatchdog: don't use static variable
2007-03-11 vdakill superfluous returns at the end of void functions
2007-03-10 vdamore: do not mess with "/dev/console" (!);
2007-03-09 aldot- add chrt applet.
2007-03-09 aldot- move bbconfig into alphabetical order
2007-03-09 vdaless: handle yet another Home/End key sequence; expand...
2007-03-08 vdaless: make '/' (regex search) scan input if no matches...
2007-03-08 vdaless: yet another attempt to make search better
2007-03-08 vdaless: fix 'n'ext match: sometimes was going to 999999th...
2007-03-07 vdaclean up accumulated whitespace damage
2007-02-18 vdahdparm: style fixes, no code changes
2007-02-14 vdaless: support xterm's home/end; improve forward search
2007-02-06 vdaEXEC_PREFER_APPLETS support by Gabriel L. Somlo <somlo...