Added files to ignore that were missing from the subversion ignore
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / ipsvd /
2007-11-17 Michael BrownAdded .gitignore files generated using
2007-10-14 vdaremove trailing whitespace
2007-10-11 vdaadd -fvisibility=hidden to CC flags, mark XXX_main...
2007-09-28 vdaassorted static vars removal
2007-08-24 vdaUpdate defconfig; fix comments
2007-08-18 vdadon't pass argc in getopt32, it's superfluous
2007-08-18 vdaintroduce and use xdup2(int, int)
2007-07-21 vdalibbb: nuke BB_GETOPT_ERROR, always die if there are...
2007-05-30 vdawhitespace fixes
2007-05-26 vdausage.c: remove reference to busybox.h
2007-04-13 vdafix typo in comment
2007-04-05 vdanc: port nc 1.10 to busybox
2007-04-04 vdareword comment
2007-04-04 vdaAdd/improve comment, shorten some usage texts. No code...
2007-04-04 vdaipsvd: use IP:PORT syntax for environment vars. Pros:
2007-04-03 vdaipsvd: make udpsvd work similar to tcpsvd (multiple...
2007-04-03 vdaipsvd: fixes and improvements after testing
2007-04-03 vdaudpsvd: more work on it. works in limited testing.
2007-04-02 vdatest: comment out unused code
2007-04-02 vdaudpsvd: forgotten 'svn add'
2007-04-01 vdaudpsvd: next part of ipsvd applets (not working yet)
2007-04-01 vdatcpsvd: fix line buffering, add firewall query code
2007-04-01 vdaCopyright, help text, whitespace cleanups
2007-04-01 vdatcpsvd: new applet