Added files to ignore that were missing from the subversion ignore
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / findutils /
2007-11-17 Michael BrownAdded .gitignore files generated using
2007-11-04 vdagrep: fix -Fo
2007-10-11 vdaadd -fvisibility=hidden to CC flags, mark XXX_main...
2007-10-01 vda'simple' error message functions by Loic Grenie <loic...
2007-09-10 vdagrep: delete obsolete comment
2007-09-10 vdagrep: fix grep -F -e str1 -e str2 (was matching str2...
2007-09-06 pgffix -xdev behavior in the presence of two or more neste...
2007-08-23 vda*: compile fixes for 64-bit build
2007-08-18 vdadon't pass argc in getopt32, it's superfluous
2007-08-16 vdafind: fix SELinux-related warning
2007-08-13 vdahttpd: round down sendfile byte count to 64k
2007-08-12 vdatrylink: produce even more info about final link stage
2007-07-27 vdamultiplier suffixes are short, store them directly...
2007-07-24 vdaReplace index_in_[sub]str_array with index_in_[sub...
2007-07-15 vdagrep: implement -m MAX_MATCHES; fix help text
2007-07-15 vdagrep: fix buglets with context printing
2007-07-01 vdafind: fix build failure on certain configs
2007-07-01 vdafind: style fix
2007-06-30 vdaintroduce and use bb_basename()
2007-06-19 vdafind: -context support for SELinux (KaiGai Kohei <kaiga...
2007-06-16 vdafind: make -size match GNU find
2007-06-15 vdafind: add conditional support for -maxdepth and -regex
2007-06-08 vdagrep: selection done by FEATURE_GREP_EGREP_ALIAS was...
2007-05-26 vdausage.c: remove reference to busybox.h
2007-04-15 vdaxargs: simplify word list management
2007-04-14 vdahush: use NOFORK applets as appropriate. Net reduction...
2007-04-13 vdafind: add support for -delete, -path (by Natanael Copa)
2007-04-12 vapiermake sure we free the grep data as well
2007-04-12 vdastyle fixes. No code changes
2007-04-10 vdaxargs: fix my brain fart (resulted in memory leak)
2007-04-10 vdaaudit small applets and mark some of them as NOFORK.
2007-04-09 vdafactor out NOFORK/NOEXEC code from find. Use it for...
2007-04-09 vdaxargs: shrink code, ~80 bytes
2007-04-09 vdaImplement first instance of NOFORK applet - echo
2007-04-08 vdafind: fix -prune more. Add big comment about it.
2007-04-08 vdafind: fix handling of -prune
2007-04-05 aldot- size and prune were mixed up
2007-04-05 vdafind: missed 'ststic' on const data
2007-04-04 vdafind: un-DESKTOPize (Kai Schwenzfeier <niteblade@gmx...
2007-04-04 aldot- sed -e "s/char[[:space:]]*\*[[:space:]]*argv\[\]...
2007-03-29 aldot- use index_in_str_array also for find_main
2007-03-29 aldot- remove bloated switch statement.
2007-03-29 aldot- implement a TODO: Use index_in_str_array in parse_params
2007-03-29 aldot- Purely cosmetic type fiddling
2007-03-29 aldot- fold recurse, depthFirst and dereference params into...
2007-02-25 vdagrep: "implement" -a and -I by ignoring them
2007-02-25 vdagrep: implement -w
2007-02-25 vdaash: replace xstrdup (shell shall not die)
2007-02-06 vdafind: fix -not support
2007-02-06 vdaEXEC_PREFER_APPLETS support by Gabriel L. Somlo <somlo...
2007-02-04 aldot- improve wording
2007-02-04 aldot- remove duplicate menu entry
2007-02-04 vdafind: support for !
2007-02-04 aldot- strip 12 bytes off by using a smaller type for need_p...
2007-02-03 vdasuppress warnings about easch <applet>_main() having
2007-02-03 vdaassorted fixes for bugs found with randomconfig
2007-02-02 vdafind -user support by Natanael Copa <natanael.copa...
2007-01-29 vdapreparatory patch for -Wwrite-strings #4
2007-01-29 vdapreparatory patch for -Wwrite-strings #2
2007-01-27 vdafix warning in find.c
2007-01-26 vdafind: fix -mtime, -mmin, -perm (+ add symbolic perm...
2007-01-22 vdafix warning from needlessly-global functions
2007-01-03 vdafind: fix misplaced #else (fix by Harald Kuthe <trhoudi...
2006-12-26 vdamerge post-1.3.0 fixes
2006-12-23 vdasum: 40% size reduction (-300 bytes)
2006-12-23 vdafind: fix spurious -exec error messages
2006-12-22 vdaremove useless casts (type*) xzalloc(...)
2006-12-12 vdabuild system: add "release" target
2006-11-01 vdamostly style fixes
2006-10-31 vdafind: -type T was actually meaning ! -type T!
2006-10-31 vdafind: implement -prune. "make clean" now works! :)
2006-10-31 vdafind: fix implicit -print (sometime differed from standard)
2006-10-30 vdafind: implement ( )
2006-10-29 vdafind: a lot more compliant to 'standard' find
2006-10-29 vdafind: small improvement
2006-10-29 vdafind: fix -exec to work like stock find does.
2006-10-27 vdarecursive_action: add depth param
2006-10-26 vdarename functions to more understandable names
2006-10-22 vdagrep: "grep -h pattern file1 file2" ignored -h
2006-10-20 vdamessage string changes, mostly for consistency, also...
2006-10-15 vdagrep: -r didn't close files, producing "Too many open...
2006-10-14 vdagrep: fix combination of -r and -h
2006-10-14 vdagrep: add support for -r
2006-10-12 vdabb_get_[chomped]line_from_file wasn't descriptive enough.
2006-10-08 vdaattempt to regularize atoi mess.
2006-10-05 vdabuild system overhaul
2006-10-03 vdabb_applet_name -> applet_name
2006-10-03 vdagetopt_ulflags -> getopt32.
2006-10-03 vdalots of silly indent fixes
2006-09-29 vdagrep: add help text; fix style
2006-09-29 vdagrep: implement -o option. Patch by Jac Goudsmit.
2006-09-29 vdaxargs: simplify option parsing
2006-09-25 andersenfix 'grep -C' which requires an argument
2006-09-22 landleyChange license statements (and clean up headers) on...
2006-09-13 aldot- fix copy'n paste errors that got introduced when...
2006-08-03 landleyRemove xcalloc() and convert its callers to xzalloc...
2006-08-03 landleyRemove bb_ prefixes from xfuncs.c (and a few other...
2006-07-03 vapiermake the -0 xargs option a little more clear
2006-06-07 aldot- reuse strings and messages. Saves about 600B
2006-06-02 aldot- move #include busybox.h to the very top so we pull...