Added files to ignore that were missing from the subversion ignore
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / Makefile.custom
2007-08-25 vdasupport "#!/bin/busybox"-style wrappers. Needed for...
2007-06-21 vdarandom shrinkage of statics, -60 bytes saved
2007-06-19 vapierpunt %.bflt target in favor of proper LDFLAGS=-Wl,...
2007-06-10 vdaadd script which measures stack consumption.
2007-05-02 vapierallow people to stick custom things into Makefile.local...
2007-01-27 aldot- the testharness needs busybox.links. Now the new...
2006-12-12 vdabuild system: small fix for "release" target to work
2006-12-12 vdabuild system: add "release" target
2006-12-06 aldot- remove a warning that was not ment to be checked in.
2006-12-06 aldot- better distinction between CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS.
2006-12-06 aldot- adjust to kernel's build infrastructure.
2006-11-30 vdapasswd: small size optimization. salt generation improved
2006-11-22 aldot- reinstate "make checkhelp"
2006-11-17 aldot- Set INSTALL_OPTS according to the config.
2006-11-17 aldot- fix generation of the busybox.links install script...
2006-10-19 vdabuild system: (try to) get rid of bb_config.h hack
2006-10-09 vdabuild system: fix for non-i386 builds
2006-10-05 vdafixing build system overhaul fallout...
2006-10-05 vdabuild system overhaul