remove stray semicolon
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / libbb / lineedit.c
2007-09-28 vdaremove stray semicolon
2007-09-27 vdaintroduce bb_putchar(). saves ~1800 on uclibc (less...
2007-09-27 vdalineedit: plug memory leak
2007-09-25 vdadocumentation bits in comments, no code changes
2007-06-30 vdaintroduce and use bb_basename()
2007-06-10 vdamoved biggest stack buffers to malloc space, or made...
2007-05-31 vdadelete tons of extra #includes
2007-05-26 vdausage.c: remove reference to busybox.h
2007-04-15 vdalineedit: state->hist_file doesn't exist if !FEATURE_ED...
2007-04-14 vdalineedit: nuke two unused variables and code which...
2007-04-14 vdalineedit: do not try to open NULL history file
2007-03-18 vdafix inadvertently leaked PWD_BUFFER_SIZE
2007-03-13 vdaDo not fail password check if shadow password does...
2007-02-11 vdasyslogd: fix "readpath bug" by using readlink instead
2007-02-03 vdalineedit: add missing #if/#endif
2007-01-29 vdapreparatory patch for -Wwrite-strings #4
2007-01-22 vdafix warning from needlessly-global functions
2007-01-22 vdacleanups: unnecessary casts, unified const_1, eliminate...
2007-01-22 vdaexterminate u_intXXX.
2007-01-22 vdamove shell/cmdedit.c -> libbb/lineedit.c