move the ifdef to after libbb.h include, so it can do some good.
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / docs / busybox_footer.pod
2004-04-25 bug1Sync my tasks with AUTHORS file
2004-04-25 bug1Update my email address, document some of my tasks...
2004-04-13 andersenPut the glibc nss junk back at the end
2004-04-06 andersenYet more doc updates
2004-03-27 andersenUpdate docs
2004-03-13 andersenFix some doc generation problems
2003-07-14 andersenUpdate a bunch of docs. Run a script to update my...
2003-02-10 bug1last_patch83 by Vladimir N. Oleynik
2003-02-09 bug1New applet, inetd, make httpd features more configurabl...
2002-11-26 bug1fdisk applet by Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-11-10 bug1Rewrite of xargs by Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-10-22 andersenlast_patch63 from vodz: add in crond and crontab applets
2002-09-30 andersenlast_patch58 from vodz:
2001-12-18 andersenVodz' last_patch31
2001-04-17 beppu- usage.h
2001-04-09 kraaiFix warning generated by pod2html about unterminated...
2001-04-09 andersenApply Vladimir's latest cleanup patch.
2001-04-05 beppu- split busybox.pod into a header and footer.