[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / include / applets.h
2005-08-01 pgfcommiting:
2005-08-01 pgfapplying patch for bug 72:
2005-08-01 pgfnew config display applet, from bug 46. i've changed...
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix from;
2005-06-20 landleyRodney Radford submitted ipcs and ipcrm (system V IPC...
2005-06-11 vapierimport initial fat mke2fs
2005-06-11 vapierimport tune2fs support
2005-05-20 lethalAdd readprofile applet support.
2005-05-11 landleySmall comm implementatin from Rob Sullivan. Needed...
2005-05-11 vapierimport ether-wake applet by haveaniceday Bug 252
2005-05-11 vapierimport eject by Peter Willis / Tito Ragusa
2005-04-30 landleyDavid Brownell submitted a new applet, zcip, based...
2005-04-23 vapierremove extra whitespace
2005-04-23 vapierstat implementation based upon coreutils
2005-04-22 vapierimport lsattr and chattr from e2fsprogs
2005-04-21 vapierprintenv / sum defines
2005-04-19 vapierfix whitespace
2005-04-17 vapierimport fakeidentd module started by Thomas Lundquist
2005-04-14 vapieradd aliases == and [[ for = and [ to support more bash...
2005-02-13 mjn3Add 'nice' and replace 'renice' with a new implementation.
2004-08-26 andersenThe login applet should always be setuid root
2004-05-26 andersenAs discussed, drop minit, which was not being supported...
2004-04-06 andersenSeem not many people are using 'ipaddr' since it has
2004-03-13 andersenUpdate docs for start_stop_daemon to match reality...
2004-01-27 bug1New applet, seq. No options, just the basics.
2003-12-24 andersenPatch from Ned Ludd, solar at gentoo dot org:
2003-12-20 bug1New applet, rx, by Christopher Hoover
2003-12-20 andersenKill off the loadacm applet. It is unused, unmaintained
2003-11-14 bug1NEW APPLET: pipe_progress, used by debian installer
2003-10-09 bug1New applet, devfsd, by Matteo Croce and Tito
2003-09-24 bug1Add the "install" applet, move get_ug_id to libbb as...
2003-08-29 bug1Vodz, last patch 105
2003-08-08 andersenImplement a minimalist 'last' which allows the LEAF...
2003-07-22 andersenRemove the update utility, that is only relevant to...
2003-07-22 andersenVery minor rdate updates
2003-07-22 andersenMatteo Croce submitted a hdparm applet.
2003-07-05 andersenAdd the fdformat utility, based on a patch from Kent...
2003-06-22 bug1New applet: patch, applies a unified diff
2003-06-10 bug1Vodz, last_patch_88
2003-05-11 bug1minit, a Minimal init system.
2003-04-27 bug1New applet, fold
2003-04-27 bug1Config option to create an fgrep alias
2003-02-17 bug1New applet sha1sum
2003-02-10 andersenudhcpc is supposed to be in /sbin, not /usr/sbin/
2003-02-09 bug1New applet, inetd, make httpd features more configurabl...
2003-01-23 andersenA patch from John F. Kelly to add in a utility for...
2003-01-19 bug1Compile option to avoid using /usr directory, patch...
2003-01-14 bug1Patch for the debian-cvs package, ip* applets in /bin...
2003-01-09 bug1arping applet by Nick Fedchik
2003-01-05 bug1New applet: httpd, by Glenn Engel
2002-12-13 bug1New applets, ftpget and ftpput
2002-12-13 bug1New applet, nameif by Nick Fedchik and myself.
2002-12-10 bug1rpm applet by Laurence Anderson
2002-12-10 bug1Realpath applet
2002-12-01 bug1Enable ip commands to be compiled seperate from ip...
2002-11-26 bug1fdisk applet by Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-11-10 bug1ipcalc applet by Stephan Linz and Jordan Crouse
2002-11-10 bug1last_patch64 from Vladimir N. Oleynik <>
2002-11-10 bug1IP applet by Bastian Blank <>
2002-11-09 bug1debian compatable ifup and ifdown commands
2002-11-07 andersenImplement a small strings applet
2002-11-01 bug1Make uncompress a seperate applet so it doesnt pull...
2002-10-22 andersenvodz forgot to include the suid field
2002-10-22 andersenvodz writes:
2002-10-22 andersenlast_patch63 from vodz: add in crond and crontab applets
2002-10-14 russadded full udhcp integration
2002-09-30 andersenlast_patch58 from vodz:
2002-09-17 andersenAdd a new top applet
2002-09-16 bug1Watch applet by Michael Habermann
2002-09-16 andersenApply vodz' last_patch52
2002-09-16 bug1mesg applet by Manuel Novoa III
2002-09-16 bug1openvt applet by Quy Tonthat
2002-09-15 bug1Awk applet written from scratch by Dmitry Zakharov
2002-08-21 bug1New applet, udhcp client
2002-07-21 sandmanInitial checkin of a very primitive hwclock replacement
2002-07-03 andersenThis patch from Bart Visscher <
2002-06-23 andersenPort over the last of the tinylogin applets
2002-06-04 sandmanImplement two types of suid/sgid support for BusyBox:
2002-05-15 sandmanSupport old-style compress (.Z) files via libbb / unzip...
2002-04-26 andersenAdd the who applet, supplied by Da Chen <dchen@ayrnetwo...
2002-03-20 kraai* include/applets.h (CONFIG_LOSETUP): New.
2002-01-02 bug1unzip applet by Laurence Anderson
2001-12-06 andersenMerge in the cal applet from Steve Merrifield <steve...
2001-12-06 andersenPatch from Steve Merrifield <> to
2001-11-30 andersenAdd in a 'time' applet. Adds 4.5k.
2001-11-18 bug1bzcat and bunzip -c support from Thomas Lundquist
2001-11-02 bug1Introduce od and hexdump applets
2001-10-31 andersenMove usage.h to include/usage.h
2001-10-31 andersenRun parts applet by Emanuele Aina <faina.mail@tiscaline...
2001-10-29 kraaiUse extended regular expressions when invoked as egrep...
2001-10-24 kraaiSplit true and false into separate applets.
2001-10-24 andersenMajor rework of the directory structure and the entire...
2001-10-18 andersenCommit the start-stop-daemon applet. This was contribu...
2001-10-05 bug1Initial support for for bunzip2....
2001-09-16 timrcloses bug#1215?
2001-08-27 kraaiRemove traces of rpmunpack (patch by Laurence Anderson).
2001-08-21 andersenInitial merge of all tinylogin applets that do not...
2001-08-02 andersenOk, if no shell is enabled, don't include any of the...
2001-08-01 kraaiAllow multiple shells to be enabled.
2001-07-31 andersenI just wrote up a simple pidof applet, closing bug...