[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / applets / busybox.mkll
2001-10-24 andersenFixup the new buildsystem a bit.
2001-03-08 andersenPer Vladimir's suggestion, force the locale to POSIX...
2001-01-26 andersenCleanup patch from larry doolittle
2000-12-02 andersenPatch from Larry Doolittle so it will build the newdocs...
2000-12-01 andersenMore pristine source directory updates. It now works
2000-10-26 andersenThis was broken when applets moved to applets.h. Fix it.
2000-09-25 andersenGratuitously changed the file "busybox.defs.h" to the...
2000-04-06 erikFix sed regexp replacement, which I had hosed (thanks to
2000-04-06 erikUse gcc -E instead of cpp to enhance portability for...
2000-03-17 erikSeveral fixes.
2000-03-16 erikMajor build system updates...
2000-02-07 erikA few minor updates. ;-)
2000-01-22 erikBetter way to check for namespace aliasing.
2000-01-20 erikFix a namespace aliasing problem wereby du and dutmp, or
1999-10-20 andersenFixed up copyright notices and such
1999-10-06 andersenMore stuff.
1999-10-05 andersenInitial revision