Gratuitously changed the file "busybox.defs.h" to the more
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / busybox.spec
2000-09-25 andersenGratuitously changed the file "busybox.defs.h" to the...
2000-07-21 andersenBump version number.
2000-07-11 andersenFinal updates for release.
2000-06-21 andersenBump version number to 0.45
2000-04-21 erikSome more updates and such...
2000-02-18 erikSome updates for the day,
2000-01-23 erikSome busybox updates. You no longer _have_ to put...
2000-01-16 eriktar creation support is now optional.
2000-01-13 erikBug fixes.
2000-01-07 erikInit is now even more perfect then before.
1999-12-21 erikSync to my local tree
1999-12-17 erikReworked the source so it will compile and run under...
1999-12-15 erikTurn off loadkmap and loadfont. We won't be needing...
1999-12-11 andersenSet version to 0.39
1999-12-03 andersenStuf
1999-11-25 andersenStuf
1999-11-18 andersenLatest and greatest
1999-11-12 andersenAdjust install a bit...
1999-11-12 andersenLatest and greatest
1999-11-06 andersenStuf
1999-11-03 andersenMore init fixes. Fixed sync segfault.
1999-11-02 andersenStuf
1999-11-01 andersenHa! Got init working.
1999-10-23 andersenMore stuff
1999-10-05 andersenInitial revision