libiproute: add missing break's
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / networking / libiproute / iproute.c
2007-09-30 vdalibiproute: add missing break's
2007-08-12 vdatrylink: produce even more info about final link stage
2007-07-24 vdaReplace index_in_[sub]str_array with index_in_[sub...
2007-05-31 vdadelete tons of extra #includes
2007-04-16 aldot- fix compilation when ENABLE_FEATURE_IP_RULE was off
2007-04-12 aldot- shrink iproute a bit (-200 bytes). Untested
2007-04-12 aldot- add xsendto and use where appropriate; shrink iplink...
2007-04-11 vdabb_full_fd_action: remove potential xmalloc from NOFORK...
2007-04-11 aldot- set the scope properly. Thanks to Jean Wolter, who...
2007-04-07 vdalibiproute: audit callgraph, shortcut error paths into...
2007-01-29 vdapreparatory patch for -Wwrite-strings #5
2007-01-27 vdafix numbering in switch(): we don't have "del" anymore,
2007-01-11 vdaTrailing whitespace removal over entire tree
2006-12-31 vdaiproute: remove double get_hz optimization
2006-12-31 vdaremove commented out #includes etc
2006-12-31 vdastop using __u32 etc. uint32_t is there for a reason
2006-12-15 vdare-applying first post-1.3.x change
2006-12-15 vdaback out last change - need to make busybox-1_3-stable...
2006-12-14 aldot- table support for ip route
2006-11-05 vdarename: compare_string_array -> index_in_str_array
2006-11-01 vdamostly style fixes
2006-10-26 vdasilly size savings and capitalization fixes
2006-09-27 vdasilly switch style fix
2006-09-06 vdaImplement optional syslog logging using ordinary
2006-06-07 aldot- reuse strings and messages. Saves about 600B
2006-06-02 landleyHeader cleanup: don't #include headers that libbb.h...
2006-05-17 landleyPatch from Bernhard Fischer to remove some useless...
2006-04-02 aldot- janitorial: include proper prototypes in libiproute.
2006-01-30 andersensort out yet more type issues
2006-01-25 timrjust whitespace
2006-01-22 aldot- add platform.h.
2006-01-12 aldot- mark argument who of print_route as unused.
2005-12-06 vodzrestore compare_string_array new interface (make broken...
2005-10-26 aldot * uniq.c: remove unneeded include and use short boiler...
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2004-08-11 bug1Set default command to list rather than get, its defaul...
2004-03-15 andersenRemove trailing whitespace. Update copyright to includ...
2003-12-19 andersenManousaridis Angelos writes:
2003-04-26 bug1iPatch from waldi, fixes usage of ip route flush (from...
2003-03-19 mjn3Major coreutils update.
2003-02-15 bug1Patch from Bastian Blank
2002-12-16 bug1Only included headers that are used.
2002-12-02 bug1Save a few more bytes
2002-12-02 bug1Save a hundred bytes or so on the do_iproute function
2002-11-28 bug1Syntax error
2002-11-28 bug1Style, error_msg
2002-11-28 bug1Use standard error messages
2002-11-15 andersenPatch from Bastian Blank:
2002-11-10 bug1IP applet by Bastian Blank <>