applying fix for:
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / modutils / modprobe.c
2005-04-16 andersenPatch from Bernhard Fischer to make a bunch of symbols...
2004-09-24 bug1Patch from Egor Duda
2004-08-19 andersenPatch from Mike Castle to cleanup some modutils issues, in
2004-08-16 andersenOnly pass modprobe module params with 2.6.x kernel...
2004-08-14 andersenChristian Ostheimer writes:
2004-08-11 bug1Patch from Mike Castle, dont print an empty line (patch...
2004-08-11 bug1Patch from Phil Blundellto improve substring match
2004-08-11 bug1Willian Barsse wrote
2004-08-03 andersenWilliam Barsse writes:
2004-07-22 sandmanPatch from Mike Snitzer <>:
2004-06-22 andersenPatrick Huesmann writes:
2004-04-06 andersenMichael Tokarev, mjt at tls dot msk dot ru writes:
2004-04-06 andersenMichael Tokarev, mjt at tls dot msk dot ru writes:
2004-04-06 andersenMichael Tokarev, mjt at tls dot msk dot ru writes:
2004-01-10 andersenwhitespace cleanup
2004-01-10 andersenWoody Suwalski writes:
2004-01-06 andersenWoody Suwalski writes:
2003-12-24 andersenre-indent
2003-12-19 andersenPatch from Woody Suwalski:
2003-11-14 andersenSteven Seeger writes:
2003-09-08 bug1Busybox modprobe has a couple of irritating quirks:
2003-06-20 andersenFall back to looking in /lib/modules/modules.dep if
2003-06-20 andersenPatch from Andrew Dennison:
2003-03-19 mjn3Major coreutils update.
2002-12-03 sandmanprint an error message if we can't load a module
2002-08-23 aaronlfor some baffling reason tinycc insists that i change...
2002-08-05 sandman- updated a few copyright/left file headers
2002-07-29 sandmanFixed a bug that I had introduced with the new "options...
2002-07-26 sandmanmodprobe now also uses "options" from /etc/modules...
2002-07-02 andersenDavid Frascone <> noticed two problems...
2002-06-04 sandmanCleaned up Erik's fgets -> read patch and fixed a buffe...
2002-06-04 andersenAvoid stack munching stdio implementations.
2002-06-02 sandmanFixed a realloc bug found by Martin Volf
2002-05-28 sandmanAdded support for /etc/modules.conf parsing
2002-05-22 sandmanSome cleanups, some size reductions and some buffer...
2002-05-14 sandmanComplete rewrite to support stack loading/unloading...
2002-05-03 andersenPatch from Robert Griebl <> to support...
2002-05-03 andersenMake verbose and show_only work as expected
2002-04-26 andersenReworked by Robert Griebl <> to support...
2001-11-27 kraaiAdd space before module name (noted by Ron Yorston).
2001-07-25 andersenCleanup some warnings and a really obvious bug.
2001-07-22 andersenAn initial modproble implementation. Quite suboptimal...