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2004-10-08 andersenFix the supported architectures section
2004-09-02 andersenBased on patches from Mike Frysinger, add insmod suppor...
2004-04-12 andersen"Mac OS X" is how it is written on the Apple website
2004-04-12 andersenFix spelling. "sort of" is two words.
2004-04-06 andersenYet more doc updates
2004-03-27 andersenUpdate docs
2004-03-15 andersenRemove trailing whitespace. Update copyright to includ...
2003-12-11 andersenprepare for release
2003-10-22 andersenUpdate mail location
2003-08-08 andersenMove shell descriptions to the config system
2003-07-16 andersenUpdate required kernel version and note that libc5...
2003-07-14 andersenUpdate a bunch of docs. Run a script to update my...
2002-11-27 bug1last_patch_68 from Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-04-01 milesAdd insmod support for the NEC v850e processor.
2001-12-22 andersenUpdate URLs and email addresses
2001-12-08 andersenBegin moving things to
2001-11-10 andersenMention that glibc-2.2 is supported
2001-10-24 andersenMajor rework of the directory structure and the entire...
2001-08-02 andersenOk, here we go...
2001-08-01 kraaiAllow multiple shells to be enabled.
2001-07-25 andersenNote that m68k is supported
2001-04-10 andersenDoc update for the 0.51 release.
2001-04-06 andersenNote that insmod now also supports powerpc and mips...
2001-01-27 andersenFix up copyright msgs. Bump version to 0.49 in prepara...
2001-01-26 markwApplied patch from Larry Doolittle to list supported...
2000-12-13 andersenA few more updates
2000-11-29 andersenMoar Speling fickes frum Larry Doolittle
2000-09-25 andersenGratuitously changed the file "busybox.defs.h" to the...
2000-06-22 andersenMore doc updates
2000-05-19 erikMore libc portability updates, add in the website ...
2000-04-13 erikUpates to include copyright 2000 to everything
1999-12-11 andersenFixed spelling of my name. Geez.
1999-12-11 andersenMinor updates
1999-11-18 andersenLatest and greatest
1999-10-20 andersenFixed up copyright notices and such
1999-10-19 andersenAdded sfdisk. Ststic-ified a bunch of stuff.
1999-10-05 andersenInitial revision