Usage for klogd -c
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / include / usage.h
2002-12-05 bug1Usage for klogd -c
2002-12-01 bug1Enable ip commands to be compiled seperate from ip...
2002-11-27 bug1last_patch_68 from Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-11-26 bug1fdisk applet by Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-11-11 bug1Move readlink, mktemp, run-parts and which to a new...
2002-11-10 bug1ipcalc applet by Stephan Linz and Jordan Crouse
2002-11-10 bug1Rewrite of xargs by Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-11-10 bug1IP applet by Bastian Blank <>
2002-11-09 bug1debian compatable ifup and ifdown commands
2002-11-07 andersenFix a stupid typo
2002-11-07 andersenImplement a small strings applet
2002-11-05 russtypo in udhcpc help
2002-11-01 bug1Make uncompress a seperate applet so it doesnt pull...
2002-10-22 andersenApply patch from bug #1278 -- fix usage message for the
2002-10-22 andersenlast_patch63 from vodz: add in crond and crontab applets
2002-10-14 russadded full udhcp integration
2002-09-30 andersenFix init docs
2002-09-30 andersenlast_patch58 from vodz:
2002-09-17 andersenAdd a new top applet
2002-09-16 bug1Watch applet by Michael Habermann
2002-09-16 andersenApply vodz' last_patch52
2002-09-16 bug1mesg applet by Manuel Novoa III
2002-09-16 bug1openvt applet by Quy Tonthat
2002-09-15 bug1Use busybox's show_usage function for help
2002-09-15 bug1Awk applet written from scratch by Dmitry Zakharov
2002-08-23 aaronlRemove extrangeous backslashes that were probably intro...
2002-08-21 bug1New applet, udhcp client
2002-08-07 sandmanAdded a help text for the -C option to syslogd
2002-07-21 sandmanInitial checkin of a very primitive hwclock replacement
2002-07-03 andersenThis patch from Bart Visscher <
2002-07-03 andersenPatch from Martin Volf <> to fix where...
2002-07-03 andersenSilly spelling fix
2002-06-23 andersenPort over the last of the tinylogin applets
2002-06-04 sandmanBigger patch for (partial) tinylogin integration
2002-05-14 sandmanAdded support for -Y|--proxy=on/off to wget
2002-05-14 sandmanThis patch adds -e (extended information) to route...
2002-04-27 andersenSupport noerror option
2002-04-26 andersenAdd netcat -i option, per patch from Cristian Ionescu...
2002-04-26 andersenAdd the who applet, supplied by Da Chen <dchen@ayrnetwo...
2002-04-13 andersenPatch from Jim Treadway -- fix a missing "\" in usage.h
2002-04-06 andersenPatch from Edward Betts <> to add...
2002-03-27 kraai* archival/bunzip2.c: Include <unistd.h>.
2002-03-20 kraai* include/applets.h (CONFIG_LOSETUP): New.
2002-02-05 kraai* archival/gzip.c (ifname, ofname): Delete.
2002-02-05 kraai* include/usage.h (gzip_trivial_usage): Make FILE optional.
2002-01-03 kraai* include/usage.h: Fix route and unzip usage messages...
2002-01-02 bug1unzip applet by Laurence Anderson
2001-12-18 andersenVodz' last_patch31
2001-12-17 andersenAdd in a new restart init target, triggered by SIGHUP...
2001-12-16 andersenSome minor usage cleanups from David Douthitt <ssrat...
2001-12-06 kraaiRemove documentation for the --file option to hostname...
2001-12-06 andersenMerge in the cal applet from Steve Merrifield <steve...
2001-12-06 andersenPatch from Steve Merrifield <> to
2001-11-30 andersenAdd in a 'time' applet. Adds 4.5k.
2001-11-18 bug1bzcat and bunzip -c support from Thomas Lundquist
2001-11-02 bug1Introduce od and hexdump applets
2001-10-31 andersenMove usage.h to include/usage.h
2001-10-31 andersenRun parts applet by Emanuele Aina <faina.mail@tiscaline...
2001-10-24 andersenMajor rework of the directory structure and the entire...
2001-10-18 andersenCommit the start-stop-daemon applet. This was contribu...
2001-10-05 bug1Remove duplicate tftp -l option help
2001-10-05 bug1Apply Magnus Damm's patch, adds tftp blocksize support...
2001-10-05 bug1Initial support for for bunzip2....
2001-09-21 kraaiFix tftp usage information (closes: #1216).
2001-08-27 kraaiRemove traces of rpmunpack (patch by Laurence Anderson).
2001-08-21 andersenInitial merge of all tinylogin applets that do not...
2001-08-01 kraaiAllow multiple shells to be enabled.
2001-07-31 andersenI just wrote up a simple pidof applet, closing bug...
2001-07-22 andersenSome patches to make dietlibc work...
2001-07-18 bug1Update dpkg usage
2001-07-10 andersenA traceroute applet from vodz. This could probably...
2001-06-26 bug1rpm2cpio applet by Laurence Anderson
2001-06-24 bug1Nore unarchive (and doc) fixes from Laurence Anderson
2001-06-22 bug1cpio applet, and changes to associated code
2001-06-21 andersenAdd wget -P support, finishing off bug #1176
2001-06-21 andersenSupport tar -C, per bug #1176
2001-06-21 kraaiRemove documentation of unsupported sed options.
2001-06-03 bug1Remove space between ar options
2001-06-03 bug1Correct ar options
2001-05-23 andersenPatch from larry to fix some grammar errors.
2001-05-22 andersenIt turns out the descriptions of both dos2unix and...
2001-05-21 andersenPatch from Lars Kellogg-Stedman <
2001-05-21 andersenA couple more minor touchups
2001-05-21 andersenSeveral cleanups for usage messages
2001-05-21 andersenPatch from Gernot Poerner <>. Adds in
2001-05-18 andersenFix an escape problem in the docs. Some \n's didn...
2001-05-15 andersenPatch from Adam Heath <> to add arbitr...
2001-05-11 andersenFix the chown usage text, also thanks to Lars Kellogg...
2001-05-11 kraaiFix env usage information.
2001-04-25 markwRemoved obsoleted BB_FEATURE_RM_INTERACTIVE
2001-04-25 markwApplied patch from I.Q. to add -s to cmp.
2001-04-17 markwApplied patch from I.Q. to add sort -u as a feature.
2001-04-17 markwApplied a patch from Laurence Anderson to fix the wget...
2001-04-17 beppu- usage.h
2001-04-15 bug1Document new dpkg-deb funtions
2001-04-12 bug1New dpkg-deb function -t, stands for --fsys-tarfile
2001-04-09 andersenMake 'grep -l' work
2001-04-05 andersenA patch from Dmitry Zakharov <
2001-04-04 andersenI said no new features till after the 0.51 release...
2001-04-03 andersenA patch from Matt Kraai that adds a new 'shutdown'...