fix "if (p) free(p)" constructs
[people/mcb30/busybox.git] / shell / ash.c
2007-09-28 vdafix "if (p) free(p)" constructs
2007-09-24 vdaash: fix prompt expansion (Natanael Copa <natanael...
2007-09-21 vdaash: remove erroneously applied patch
2007-09-21 vdahttpd: optional support for partial downloads
2007-09-21 vdaash: s/int/smallint/. -60 bytes.
2007-09-07 vda*: replace select-for-one descriptor with poll, it...
2007-08-19 vdalibbb,crond,lash: fix getopt32 (don't know how it manag...
2007-08-12 vdatrylink: produce even more info about final link stage
2007-07-29 vdaash: comment non-obvious code part
2007-07-21 vdastyle fix (stray space before ';')
2007-07-18 vdaash: fix SEGV in forkchild (jp can be NULL). here docum...
2007-07-15 vdaash: make "jobs | cat" work like in bash (was giving...
2007-07-14 vdaash: small size optimization
2007-07-14 vdaash: recognize -l as --login equivalent; do not recogni...
2007-07-14 vdaash: fix for buglet in DEBUG code (Nguyen Thai Ngoc...
2007-06-25 vdadevfsd: fix formatting (Tito <>)
2007-06-25 vdaConsolidate ARRAY_SIZE macro; remove one unneeded globa...
2007-06-21 vdatest: shrink a bit
2007-06-13 vda*: BB_BANNER -> bb_banner (it is not a const or #define)!
2007-06-13 vdahush: fix read builtin to not read ahead past eol and...
2007-06-12 vdaremove nearly-duplicate PATHs in several places
2007-06-08 vdamake busybox --install work even if /proc/self/exe...
2007-05-31 vdause "glibc errno" trick not only for ash, but for entir...
2007-05-26 vdausage.c: remove reference to busybox.h
2007-05-20 vdaash: implement type -p, costs less than 10 bytes
2007-05-17 vdaseveral *.c files:
2007-04-29 vdaash,kill: use common code for kill applet/builtin
2007-04-28 vdaash: fix infinite loop on exit if tty is not there...
2007-04-14 vdahush: use NOFORK applets as appropriate. Net reduction...
2007-04-13 vdateach find_root_device to deal with /dev/ subdirs
2007-04-11 vdaash: fix kill -l (by Mats Erik Andersson <mats.andersso...
2007-04-10 vdaRename two config options:
2007-04-10 vdamake a few struct bb_applet members conditional
2007-04-09 vdaImprove STANDALONE_SHELL. "safe" applets are renamed...
2007-04-08 vdaadd some missed statics on constant objects.
2007-03-21 vdaash: fix signal handling
2007-03-13 vdaash: popstackmark is reported trying to pop until NULL
2007-03-07 vdaclean up accumulated whitespace damage
2007-03-05 vdaash: cosmetic improvements in error messages
2007-03-03 vdaash: do not use "safe applets" in non-standalone shell
2007-02-25 vdaash: replace xstrdup (shell shall not die)
2007-02-24 vdaash: fix compile problems
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 2.8
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 2.7
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 2.6
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 2.5
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 2.4
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 2.3
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 2.2
2007-02-23 vdaash: starting second round of cleanups. #1
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 9
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 8
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 7
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 6
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 5
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 4
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 3
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 2
2007-02-23 vdaash: cleanup part 1
2007-02-19 vdaash: move ash_main() and helpers to end of ash.c, more...
2007-02-19 vdaash: more renaming and style fixes
2007-02-19 vdaash: rearrange code to reduce forward references, renam...
2007-02-19 vdaash: tiny style fixes
2007-02-18 vdaash: de-obfuscate code, add 'static' keyword, etc.
2007-02-18 vdaash: convert #ifdef CONFIG_ to #if ENABLE_
2007-02-18 vdaash: fix indentation and style. no code changes
2007-02-03 vdasuppress warnings about easch <applet>_main() having
2007-01-22 vdacmdedit is not a 'command' editing anymore, it's just...
2007-01-22 vdaConvert cmdedit into more generic line input facility
2007-01-21 vdaIntroduce FEATURE_EXEC_PREFER_APPLETS = "re-execute...
2007-01-18 vdafix subtle bug inherited from dash
2007-01-11 vdaTrailing whitespace removal over entire tree
2007-01-10 vdaexecute "safe applets" exev if not standalone shell
2006-12-26 vdaash: is_safe_applet mustn't affect disabled applets
2006-12-26 vdamerge post-1.3.0 fixes
2006-12-26 vdastyle fixes
2006-12-24 vdarandom tiny size savings
2006-12-24 vdaless: implement waiting for input using select(). Rathe...
2006-12-21 vdaintroduce LONE_CHAR (optimized strcmp with one-char...
2006-12-19 vdasu: make /etc/shells check configurable
2006-12-18 vdaxfuncs.c: dietlibc actually HAS fdprintf!
2006-12-18 vdaA bunch of defined(__GLIBC__) added. static-linking...
2006-12-16 vdainline strcmp(s, "-") [actually macro-ize it for now...
2006-11-27 vdafix remaining survivors of the return(a) cleanup
2006-11-27 vdastyle cleanup: return(a) -> return a, part 2
2006-11-27 vdastyle cleanup: return(a) -> return a, part 1
2006-11-21 vdahttpd: LC_TIME locale _must_ be POSIX to httpd! We...
2006-11-17 vdaadd -Wundef, fix uncovered bugs
2006-10-16 vdaash: fix segfault in ash.
2006-10-10 vdafixes from Vladimir Dronnikov <>
2006-10-05 vdabuild system overhaul
2006-10-03 vdabb_applet_name -> applet_name
2006-09-26 vdaseveral fixes from openWRT project
2006-08-29 landleySvn 16007 broke the build under gcc 4.0.3. This fixes...
2006-08-03 landleyRemove bb_ prefixes from xfuncs.c (and a few other...
2006-07-16 landleyCleaup read() and write() variants, plus a couple of...
2006-07-12 landleyA couple things that got tangled up in my tree, easier...
2006-07-06 landleyBug fix from Vladimir Oleynic via Paul Fox for:
2006-07-01 rpjdayGet rid of all "#if 0" content.
2006-07-01 rpjdayRemove all usage of the "register" storage class specifier.