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2005-08-01 pgfcommiting:
2005-08-01 pgfallow suppression of default client-id. fixes bug...
2005-07-31 vapierpatch by apgo in Bug 345 to not use ether_hostton(...
2005-07-31 vapiertypecast to int
2005-07-31 vapieruse socklen_t instead of size_t with socket related...
2005-07-28 landleyErik pointed out that in the last try at the #ifdef...
2005-07-27 landley#ifdef reduction infrastructure, based on an argument...
2005-07-27 vapieruse toplevel ARFLAGS and update default ARFLAGS to...
2005-07-26 vapier2005-03-19 Shaun Jackman <>
2005-07-21 pgfremove duplicate check against chaddr.
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-20 pgfmuch more concise fix for bug #45. just align the...
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix from:
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix from:
2005-07-19 pgfapplying fix for:
2005-07-18 pgffix for "0000027: patch: nc will spin if stdin closed"
2005-06-24 solar- remove extra/unneeded function call. testing svn
2005-06-23 andersencharacters encoded as html should have a trailing semicolon
2005-06-07 landleyThus spake Brenda J. Butler:
2005-05-26 landleyTobias Krawutschke found a bug where the DHCP client...
2005-05-11 vapierimport ether-wake applet by haveaniceday Bug 252
2005-05-10 landleyPatch from Jason Schoon to add IPV6 support to telnetd...
2005-05-07 vapieruse shared busybox error messages to save a few bytes
2005-05-06 vapiermake the exec (-e) an optional feature of netcat
2005-05-06 vapierIn bug 247, haveaniceday writes:
2005-05-04 landleyRevert the uptime() removal. Let the list sort it...
2005-05-04 landleyPatch from Shaun Jackman:
2005-05-03 landleyFrom: Shaun Jackman <>
2005-05-03 landleyRevert Tito's patch to zcip. My bad, David Brownell...
2005-05-01 landleyOn Tuesday 19 April 2005 21:10, Tito wrote and today...
2005-04-30 landleyDavid Brownell submitted a new applet, zcip, based...
2005-04-27 andersenDo not attempt to free() the application's environment...
2005-04-23 vapierremove unused variable and declare writepid inline
2005-04-18 vapiertouchups as suggested by Vladimir N. Oleynik
2005-04-17 vapierimport fakeidentd module started by Thomas Lundquist
2005-04-16 andersenPatch from Bernhard Fischer to make a bunch of symbols...
2005-04-16 andersenFix broken macro
2005-04-16 andersenOnly define a local environ when not using the prototyp...
2005-04-16 vapierIn Bug 208, bernhardf writes:
2005-04-16 vapierIn Bug 209, bernhardf writes:
2004-12-06 vapiermerge from udhcp module
2004-10-13 andersenreturn failure when nslookup fails
2004-10-08 andersenWade Berrier writes:
2004-10-08 andersenPatch from Denis Vlasenko to fix a problem where
2004-10-08 andersenlast_patch139.gz from Vladimir N. Oleynik:
2004-10-08 andersenegor duda writes:
2004-09-23 andersenAdd some notes on how to make telnetd actually work
2004-09-14 bug1Patch from Felipe Kellermann, remove some unnecessary...
2004-08-28 andersenFixup some warnings
2004-08-26 andersenVladimir N. Oleynik writes:
2004-08-11 bug1Set default command to list rather than get, its defaul...
2004-07-30 andersenuse SIGTERM to kill off udhcpd, not SIGKILL
2004-07-30 andersenAs noted by Eric Spakman, calling static_down() and...
2004-07-26 andersenadd missing ;
2004-07-26 andersenbother. unrevert my fix.
2004-07-26 andersenMake certain that udhcp shuts down the interface
2004-07-26 andersenoops
2004-07-26 andersenMake certain that udhcp shuts down the interface
2004-07-23 bug1Patch from Manousaridis Angelos to bring dhclient down...
2004-07-21 bug1Patch from Mike Snitzer to fix return codes.
2004-07-21 bug1Patch from Mike Snitzer, bring down dhclient using...
2004-07-20 andersenPrevent "`bootp_down' was declared implicitly `extern...
2004-06-29 andersenPaul Fox writes:
2004-06-22 andersenRobin Farine writes:
2004-06-22 andersenPatch from Bastian Blank:
2004-06-22 andersenRobin Farine writes:
2004-05-19 russuse busybox sysinfo struct
2004-05-19 andersenFix a compile problem
2004-05-19 russfix timewarp in client (server fix later)
2004-05-19 russremove uneccessary check (already done in pidfile.c)
2004-05-19 russfix memory leak caused by switch to vfork
2004-05-05 andersenSteve Grubb writes:
2004-05-04 bug1Fix size command, safe_strtoul gives and error if the...
2004-04-26 andersenThomas Koeller writes:
2004-04-25 bug1Update my email address, document some of my tasks...
2004-04-14 andersenLarry Doolittle writes:
2004-04-13 andersenslightly clean the whacked out formatting
2004-04-12 andersenEric Spakman noticed that ifdown' will attempt to run...
2004-04-12 bug1Fix compile error if CONFIG_FEATURE_IP_ADDR isnt enabled
2004-04-12 bug1Fix up conditional compile of files needed by ip applets
2004-04-08 bug1Fix ftp resume
2004-04-06 andersenFix indenting
2004-03-31 andersenPatch from Thomas Winkler:
2004-03-27 andersens/fileno\(stdin\)/STDIN_FILENO/g
2004-03-19 mjn3Oops.. got a bit to aggressive with size optimization...
2004-03-15 andersenOops. Using the wrong variable was a rather stupid
2004-03-15 andersenRemove trailing whitespace. Update copyright to includ...
2004-03-10 mjn3In spite of the feature freeze, check in a complete...
2004-03-06 andersenFix/eliminate use of atol
2004-03-05 bug1Patch by Andrew Victor,
2004-03-05 bug1Fix a typo, patch by Andrew Victor
2004-03-05 bug1Fix debugging output, patch by Hideki IWAMOTO
2004-03-05 bug1Patch from Steven Scholz to fix compiler warnings
2004-02-26 bug1Quick fix for tftp truncation bug
2004-02-24 andersenJoe.C, joe at numa dot com dot tw writes: