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2005-06-20 landleyRodney Radford submitted ipcs and ipcrm (system V IPC...
2004-08-16 andersenPrepare for release
2004-04-13 andersenPut the glibc nss junk back at the end
2004-04-06 andersenYet more doc updates
2004-03-27 andersenYet more doc cleanups
2004-03-27 andersenUpdate docs
2004-03-15 andersenRemove trailing whitespace. Update copyright to includ...
2003-12-20 andersenEradicate all references to loadacm
2003-07-22 andersenRemove the update utility, that is only relevant to...
2003-07-15 andersenUpdate the default set of applets that are listed
2003-02-09 bug1New applet, inetd, make httpd features more configurabl...
2002-11-26 bug1fdisk applet by Vladimir N. Oleynik
2002-10-22 andersenlast_patch63 from vodz: add in crond and crontab applets
2002-09-30 andersenlast_patch58 from vodz:
2001-12-18 andersenVodz' last_patch31
2001-08-27 kraaiRemove traces of rpmunpack (patch by Laurence Anderson).
2001-06-26 bug1rpm2cpio applet by Laurence Anderson
2001-04-17 beppu- updated busybox_header.pod by adding adjtimex to...
2001-04-05 beppu- split busybox.pod into a header and footer.