2008-04-28 jwang36Added Extract interface for easier wrapping of decompre...
2008-04-28 jwang36Added for wrapping compressor/decompressor
2008-04-24 lhauchUpdated Schema per MDK comments.
2008-04-24 jwang36Fixed a typo
2008-04-24 jwang36Added more error checks
2008-04-24 lgao41. GenSec tool only updates output file when the conten...
2008-04-24 jwang36a. Added doxygen comments
2008-04-23 jwang36Added doxygen comments
2008-04-23 jwang36Added doxygen comments
2008-04-23 hche10x1. Add insert function support for class sdict.
2008-04-23 jwang36Fixed CRLF issue during parsing FDF file
2008-04-21 jljustenBaseTools/Source/Python/build/
2008-04-21 hche10x1. Add a column to save the name of the function which...
2008-04-21 jwang36Fixed a typo in variable member
2008-04-21 jwang36Fixed an issue which will cause files not found
2008-04-21 jwang36Changed GenFds to use database based module/package...
2008-04-21 jwang36Added necessary package imports
2008-04-21 jwang36Removed unused package
2008-04-21 jwang36Deleted since it's no longer used
2008-04-21 jwang36Merged back the overwritten changes by others
2008-04-19 jwang36Changed the code to be able to bypass AutoGen completely
2008-04-18 jwang36Fixed list file generation error which was caused by...
2008-04-17 jwang36Fixed common dependency file calculation error
2008-04-17 jwang36Fixed a print issue when generating listing file, if...
2008-04-17 jwang36Disabled all cached data because of inconsistency risk
2008-04-17 jwang36Changed regular expression for matching "#include"...
2008-04-16 hche10x1. Add a table for temp query to improve performance
2008-04-15 jwang36Fixed NULL library instance issue .
2008-04-15 hche10x1. Add an interface to get max id of the table.
2008-04-15 jwang36Applied macro replacement for Fdf file path
2008-04-15 lgao4Add Doxygen Format File header for these C source files.
2008-04-14 lhauchUpdated with comments
2008-04-14 jwang36Added check of library instance against NULL
2008-04-14 jwang36Fixed NULL library instance issue which will cause...
2008-04-14 jwang36Fixed NULL library instance issue
2008-04-13 hche10x1. Add and modify some interfaces for the tool
2008-04-11 jlin16Add identifier class for assignment expression.
2008-04-11 jlin16ECC: fix regular expression for function declaration.
2008-04-11 jljustenBaseTools/GNUmakefile:
2008-04-11 jwang36Added missing "cd" command
2008-04-10 jljustenAdd symbolic link for TianoCompress 'bin wrapper'.
2008-04-10 jlin16ECC: modify C parser to deal with embedded asm statements.
2008-04-10 jwang36Fixed a typo
2008-04-10 lgao4Add more usage description for -r option in order to...
2008-04-09 jljustenbuildtools/BaseTools/README.txt:
2008-04-09 jwang36Fixed a R8 module build issue, in which .dxs file will...
2008-04-09 jwang36Added -x to pass SKU ID from command line
2008-04-09 jwang36Added more check on settings
2008-04-09 jwang36Fixed tons of bugs
2008-04-08 lhauchAdding a GUID tpye of File to the enumeration
2008-04-08 jlin16ECC: modify C parser to deal with empty typedef caused...
2008-04-08 jwang36Applied DEFAULT SkuId for dynamic PCDs if they're not...
2008-04-07 jljustenBaseTools/gcc/
2008-04-07 jljustenBaseTools/gcc/
2008-04-07 jljustenBaseTools/gcc/
2008-04-07 jljustenbuildtools/BaseTools/gcc/
2008-04-07 jwang36Fixed customized build bug
2008-04-07 jwang36Updated code to get GUID value during parsing stage...
2008-04-07 jwang36Added option '-u' to skip AutoGen step and option ...
2008-04-07 jwang36Added more error check
2008-04-03 jwang36Added code to check GUID/Protocol/PPI CName against...
2008-04-03 jwang36Fixed a priority issue in tdict
2008-04-03 klu2Correct the order of command line's parameter.
2008-04-03 jwang36Fixed DAG algorithm hole in re-ordering library instanc...
2008-04-03 klu2Support virtual floppy image disk.
2008-04-03 jwang36Fixed several typo in R8.x module support code
2008-04-03 jwang36Added conditional statement support for !INCLUDE directive
2008-04-03 jwang36Added conditional statement support for DSC file
2008-04-03 lgao4Fix one bug in GenFv tool when add pad file.
2008-04-02 lhauchFixed Header Format
2008-04-02 lhauchFixed Header Format
2008-04-02 lhauchFixed Header Format
2008-04-02 lhauchFixed Header Format
2008-04-02 lhauchFixed Header Format
2008-04-02 lhauchFixed Licenses to BSD
2008-04-02 jwang36Fixed R8 modules build issues
2008-04-02 jlin16Ecc/ change procedure names to be more meaningful...
2008-04-02 jwang36Fixed progress information issue
2008-04-02 jwang36Fixed a bug which caused library module build failure.
2008-04-01 jljustenBaseTools/Source/Python/Workspace/
2008-04-01 jwang36Made some changes for database based build implementation
2008-04-01 jwang36Added for database based build infrastructure
2008-04-01 jwang36Removed because of no longer developing
2008-04-01 jlin16bug-fixing for predicate exp check.
2008-04-01 hche10x1. Add an action to commit to database after parsing...
2008-03-31 jlin16ECC: declaration format initial check-in.
2008-03-28 jlin16git-svn-id:
2008-03-28 klu2If no any parameter for GenBootSector command line...
2008-03-28 lgao4Enhance GenFw to always zero .pdata section data for...
2008-03-27 lhauchReformatted to match HTML documentation
2008-03-27 lhauchCompleted the AsBuilt section of the ModuleSurfaceArea
2008-03-27 lhauchAdding the new Distribution Package Schema file that...
2008-03-27 hche10x1. Update Dsc table for the library instance defined...
2008-03-25 hche10x1. Enable naming convention check for #ifndef/#define...
2008-03-24 jlin16ECC: predicate expression and data declaration checking...
2008-03-24 hche10x1. Enable naming check of path/function/variable names.
2008-03-21 jlin16ECC: include file check feature added.
2008-03-20 jlin16ECC: Doxygen command and file comment description check...
2008-03-20 hche10x1. Remove the ECC.db from .\Database, the file is move...
2008-03-19 lhauchFixed spelling and grammar.