2007-07-13 jwang36Changed the import path
2007-07-13 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-13 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-13 jjin9update and add for Multi-Thread
2007-07-13 jwang36Added from python source root
2007-07-13 jwang36No longer needed
2007-07-13 jwang36Added for formal tree structure
2007-07-13 jlin16unlimit COMP_LOC in vtf.
2007-07-13 htaodelete LzmaCompress since it's not open source tool.
2007-07-13 htaoDelete LzmaCompress source and binary since it's not...
2007-07-13 htaoCheck in EfiRom binary
2007-07-12 htaodelete LzmaDecompress and TianoDecompress tool since...
2007-07-12 htaodelete TianoDecompress and LzmaDecompress since the...
2007-07-12 htaoTianoCompress new interface code check in
2007-07-12 htaoLzmaCompress new interface code check in
2007-07-12 htaoDelete non-used binary
2007-07-12 htaoLzmaCompress and TianoCompress new interface binary...
2007-07-12 jwang36Redesigned BuildToolError and applied it in AutoGen...
2007-07-12 jlin16update rule section parsing.
2007-07-12 jlin16update rule section parsing.
2007-07-12 lgao4Update GenFw and GenFv tool to support more features...
2007-07-12 qouyangmodify GenFds related files
2007-07-12 jwang36- Fixed 0-byte file issue when searching file dependency
2007-07-11 htaoGenVtf binary checked in to sync with source.
2007-07-11 htaoModify GenVtf source to support two outfile name specif...
2007-07-11 qhuang8Fix "typedef struct" issue.
2007-07-11 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-11 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-11 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-11 jwang36Fixed Dynamic PCD issue for PEI module
2007-07-10 htaoupdate the binary.
2007-07-10 htaoGenVtf source code check in.
2007-07-10 htaoCheck in GenVtf binary.
2007-07-10 jwang36Changed the QUIET to 50
2007-07-10 jwang36- Fixed EdkLogger usages
2007-07-09 jwang36Added USER_DEFINED support; added more error check...
2007-07-09 htaocode cleanup.
2007-07-09 jwang36Refined the clean* targets
2007-07-09 jwang36Refined the EdkLogger and changed the autogen progress...
2007-07-09 qouyangUpdated GenFds related files.
2007-07-09 jwang36Changed to conform to tool spec
2007-07-09 htaoCheck in encode and decode tool binary.
2007-07-07 jjin9Don't call genc and genmake again for Target(CleanAll)
2007-07-06 qouyangUpdate GenFds related files
2007-07-06 jlin16change filepath in to filename
2007-07-06 jlin16make capsule data contents inf, file and fv could appea...
2007-07-06 qouyangUpdate GenFds related files
2007-07-06 jwang36Improved PCD database autogen
2007-07-06 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-06 jwang36Added progress information
2007-07-06 jjin9add support for specified inf in CLI
2007-07-06 jwang36Improved PCD database and BuildOptions support
2007-07-06 qouyangUpdated GenFds related files!
2007-07-05 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-05 jwang36Added for error check
2007-07-05 jwang36Added error check
2007-07-05 jlin16add keystringlist to FfsFileStatement and ffsInfstatement.
2007-07-05 klu2pbuild and mbuild need dependent on $(DLL_FILE) to...
2007-07-04 qouyangUpdate GenFds related files
2007-07-04 jlin16git-svn-id:
2007-07-04 jlin16make FV and FV image section parsing consistent.
2007-07-04 jwang36When no FDF found in DSC file, don't call GenFds in...
2007-07-04 jwang36Added GenFds tool calling in platform makefile
2007-07-04 jlin16save fv image section as FV or a simple name according...
2007-07-04 jwang36Added PCD database autogen support
2007-07-03 qouyangUpdate the GenFds Related files
2007-07-03 jlin16make FV image section {} contents optional.
2007-07-03 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-03 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-03 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-03 jlin16adopt hex and decimal blocksize.
2007-07-03 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-02 qouyangModify GenFds related Files
2007-07-02 jwang36Added CUSTOM_MAKEFILE support
2007-07-02 jjin9new for Bld.exe tools
2007-07-02 lgao4Update GenFv tool to fix FileState of FFS file header...
2007-07-02 jwang361. Fixed the lookup issue for GUID/Protocol/Ppi in...
2007-07-02 qouyangUpdate the GenFds tool related files
2007-07-02 jwang36Added functionality to process preprocessed VFR file
2007-06-30 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-06-29 jlin16Inf and File can appear in any order within FV.
2007-06-29 jwang36Fixed the unicode path issue
2007-06-29 qouyangModify GenFds Related files
2007-06-29 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-06-29 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-06-29 jwang36Incorporated unicode file parse and autogen for it.
2007-06-29 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-06-29 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-06-29 jwang36Added depex and unicode support and many bug fixes...
2007-06-28 AJFISHFixed AutoGen.c #include templates to prefix Library...
2007-06-28 jlin16make section guid optional.
2007-06-28 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-06-28 qouyangModify GenFds related files
2007-06-28 jwang36Added for depex processing
2007-06-28 jlin16Fix end of file error.
2007-06-28 qouyangChange DataSection Attribute Name in FdfParser
2007-06-28 qouyangModify GenFds Related files
2007-06-28 jlin16Add parser for Recursive encapsulation sections such...
2007-06-27 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-06-27 klu2Fix a minor char sentive error