2007-08-01 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-08-01 qouyangGenFds Tool: Add a feature of "copy *.map files to...
2007-08-01 jwang36Added command to copy *.map to %(OUTPUT_DIR)
2007-08-01 jjin9fix some bugs for clean specified setting
2007-08-01 jlin16Fix the undo token beyond file start.
2007-08-01 jjin9add license for
2007-08-01 jjin9implement for editing target.txt in CLI
2007-07-31 jwang36Changed the output directory of .lib file to OUTPUT
2007-07-31 jwang36Changed error message to be more meaningful and more...
2007-07-31 jwang36Added more error check
2007-07-31 jwang36Fixed the library summarization error
2007-07-31 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-31 jjin9According to Larry's Mail, add the support for WorkSpac...
2007-07-31 jwang36The library instance type should be its consumer's...
2007-07-31 jwang36Added supported module type filter when summarizing...
2007-07-30 jjin9remove hard code '\\'
2007-07-30 jwang36git-svn-id:
2007-07-30 jwang36Fixed SkuId error
2007-07-30 jwang36git-svn-id:
2007-07-30 jwang36git-svn-id:
2007-07-30 jwang36git-svn-id:
2007-07-30 jwang36Fixed GuidTable format error
2007-07-30 jwang36Fixed a typo in PCD type
2007-07-30 jwang36Fixed library instance issue
2007-07-30 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-30 jjin9modify the Method TrackInfo
2007-07-30 qhuang8Add MigrationError class to handle errors that occurr...
2007-07-30 jjin9fix some interface error
2007-07-30 lgao4Add support feature to covert MicroCode.txt to MicroCod...
2007-07-30 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-30 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-30 qouyangGenFds Tools: Sync with the update of WorkspaceBuild...
2007-07-30 jjin9update the usage information
2007-07-27 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-27 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-27 qouyangGenFds Tools: Fixed GenFds one bug. If the last charact...
2007-07-27 qouyangGenFds Tool:Remove some unused code and replace Print...
2007-07-27 jwang36Added Doxygen compatible comments
2007-07-27 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-27 jjin9add return status
2007-07-27 jjin9add return value
2007-07-27 jjin9add path check for fdf file and dsc file
2007-07-27 jwang36Fixed an issue in the code of finding out all libraries...
2007-07-27 jwang36Fixed library instance error
2007-07-27 jwang36Should not strip() before matching "typedef struct"
2007-07-27 jwang36Fixed single module build error for platform with more...
2007-07-27 jwang36Fixed lakeport build issue
2007-07-27 jwang36Changed to use standard command line options
2007-07-26 qouyangGenFds Tool: Add the supporting of Absolute path and...
2007-07-26 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-26 qouyangGenFds Tool: Add FdfClassObject.
2007-07-26 jwang36Moved to old directory for temporary reference
2007-07-26 jwang36Moved old code to old directory for temporary reference
2007-07-26 jwang36Added for common routines and classes
2007-07-26 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-26 qouyangAdd in CommonData.
2007-07-26 qouyangUpdate to fix bug of input activ...
2007-07-26 jlin16raise exception when opening fdf file error.
2007-07-26 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-26 jwang36Merged from the one in root directory
2007-07-26 jjin9add target and tooldef declaration in init()
2007-07-25 jwang36Fixed EdkLogger import issue
2007-07-25 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-25 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-25 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-25 jwang36Changed per the new Workspace class
2007-07-25 jjin9modify the type of DataType.TAB_TAT_DEFINES_TOOL_CHAIN_...
2007-07-25 jwang36Merged from old code
2007-07-25 jwang361. Added ACPI table module support
2007-07-25 qouyangUpdate GenFds related files.
2007-07-25 jjin9add a function ToolDefDict()
2007-07-25 lgao4Update tools not to support stdout as default output.
2007-07-25 jjin91. fix bug to support more target, except all, genmake...
2007-07-25 qouyangModify GenFds related files.
2007-07-25 jjin9fix some bugs of
2007-07-25 jjin9rewrite the
2007-07-24 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-24 jjin9add build/
2007-07-24 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-24 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-24 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-24 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-24 jwang361. Added more error check
2007-07-24 jjin9fix the bug for all genfds
2007-07-24 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-24 jjin9clear the structure
2007-07-23 htaoEfiRom tool to add "-p" interface.
2007-07-23 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-23 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-23 jjin91. add a judge for Lib or Module.
2007-07-23 jlin16Add PcdDict in FdfProfile to hold all pcd information...
2007-07-23 qouyangModify GenFds Related files
2007-07-20 htaoadd more error handling message.
2007-07-20 jwang36Removed more struct typedef for IPF
2007-07-20 qouyangFix bug of "Can't gen VTF "
2007-07-20 jwang36No longer needed
2007-07-20 jwang36Fixed GCC link issue and vfr build issue under CYGWINGC...
2007-07-19 jwang36Fixed EBC build issue
2007-07-19 jwang36Some minor changes
2007-07-19 qouyangUpdate GenFds related file for Python source tree struc...