2007-09-21 hche10x1. Add feature to support parsing INF file described...
2007-09-20 lhauchUpdating BaseTools Project Configuration templates...
2007-09-20 jlin16print error message when FV size is larger than region...
2007-09-20 jlin16Add Apriori support.
2007-09-19 jlin16Fix the single FV/FD generation error by specifying...
2007-09-19 htaoFpd2Dsc migration utility man page check in.
2007-09-19 hche10x1. Fix a error for error message in DSC file parsing.
2007-09-18 lgao4Add PAD file guid table into GenFv tool for FvBuild...
2007-09-18 hche10xUpload man page for AutoGen code
2007-09-18 jwang36Fixed an issue in TemplateString which will cause some...
2007-09-18 jwang36Enabled single FD/FV build
2007-09-18 jjin9add new feature to support target 'fds'
2007-09-17 lgao4Fix override feature for the input file.
2007-09-14 jjin9update the FDF and DSC file override judgment
2007-09-14 jwang36Fixed the ENV() usage
2007-09-14 jwang361) Fixed the issue which macro in the form of ENV(...
2007-09-14 jwang36a) Changed the class-less library instance format to...
2007-09-13 jwang361) Added single FD/FV build
2007-09-13 jlin16adapt to tools_def.txt new format.
2007-09-13 hche10x1. Fix a bug in supporting for only a library instance...
2007-09-13 hche10x1. Add support for only a library instance name defined...
2007-09-12 jjin9fix the judgment:
2007-09-12 qhuang8re-fix the issue in r721.
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix typo so that platforms without FDF file can pass...
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix typos
2007-09-12 klu2PI Enable:
2007-09-12 jlin16fix typo for build.
2007-09-12 jlin16fix typo for build.
2007-09-12 lgao4Fix bug to create capsule image.
2007-09-12 lgao4Update EfiRom to support the PCI3.0 data structure...
2007-09-12 htaoFix LoadPlatformFdfs function according to the original...
2007-09-12 jwang36a) Added GCC preprocessor support
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix a coding format by last check-in.
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix a typo, which might cause runtime exception in...
2007-09-12 htaochange "UserId" to "UserID" in LoadUserExtensions.
2007-09-12 htaoGenVtf tool open/write file with "r+b"/"w+b" attribute...
2007-09-11 jlin16initialize FileList to empty list.
2007-09-11 jljustenMinor spelling fixes
2007-09-11 jlin16specify file name will override file type for rule...
2007-09-11 jljustengenpage.c -> GenPage.c
2007-09-10 htaoAdd Key variable in PlatformFfsClass in PlatformClass...
2007-09-10 htao1. Add $(WORKSPACE) in the output DSC file.
2007-09-10 jlin16add verbose mode to switch on/off detail output messages.
2007-09-10 jlin16add base module type.
2007-09-10 hche10x1. Fix a bug when parsing binary section of INF file
2007-09-10 jlin16add import file.
2007-09-08 jjin9change the parse order of input INF, DSC, FDF
2007-09-07 htaoFix a bug in StoreBuildOptionsSection to support all...
2007-09-07 jjin9fix a bug, PVCS 547.
2007-09-07 jlin16roll back the field which is really need to be rolled...
2007-09-07 htaoroll back the module type in platformclass definition
2007-09-07 htaocode cleanup to use the dynamic workspace environment.
2007-09-07 jlin16bug-fixing for rule update.
2007-09-07 htaoFix a bug to handle input args correctly.
2007-09-07 htaochange module class object module in PlatformClass.
2007-09-07 htaoFpd2Dsc migration tool initial check in.
2007-09-07 klu2Upgrade the format of EFI_PEIM_ENTRY_POINT to EFI_PEIM_...
2007-09-07 qouyang[Fds Tools] Fix some Typo in
2007-09-07 qouyang[Fds Tools] Fix some Typo in
2007-09-07 qouyang[GenFds Tool]Fix some Typo in
2007-09-06 jlin16typos fix.
2007-09-06 jlin16drop the use of RuleFileExtension.
2007-09-06 qhuang8Update the syntax of PCD section.
2007-09-06 qhuang8Fix typo in error message.
2007-09-05 qouyangSync with FDF update.
2007-09-04 qhuang8Fix a typo.
2007-09-03 jwang36Fixed an issue which will remove the first line if...
2007-09-03 jwang361) Updated BuildNotes.txt
2007-09-03 jwang361) Made VfrCompile buildable
2007-09-03 jwang36Added files needed by VfrCompile tool
2007-09-03 jwang36Added VfrCompile build support
2007-09-03 jwang36Moved Pccts to be under VfrCompile
2007-08-31 lhauchModified for here, with current BaseTools files
2007-08-31 lhauchAdding the VfrCompile source files - not yet built...
2007-08-31 lhauchMoved tool_setup scripts to Source directory, added...
2007-08-31 lhauchRemoved the ANT/Java stuff in the file...
2007-08-31 lhauchchanged build to use Source/C directory, not CSource...
2007-08-31 jlin16Add '}' token to the ignore list of rule section file...
2007-08-31 jwang36Added Pccts source code for VfrCompile
2007-08-31 jwang36Changed the Makefile to use root setup script
2007-08-31 jwang36Should not be here
2007-08-31 jwang36Should not be here
2007-08-31 jwang36Updated from the latest changes in EDK2
2007-08-31 jwang36Changed an error message format
2007-08-31 jwang36Added check for none common dependency
2007-08-31 jwang36Changed the module name to module path in error message...
2007-08-31 jwang36Removed an print statement for debug purpose
2007-08-31 hche10x1. Handle the situation of empty value of PCD definitio...
2007-08-30 lhauchFixed error messages
2007-08-30 lhauchFixed error messages
2007-08-30 lhauchFixed error messages
2007-08-30 lhauchSet the py files to executable
2007-08-30 lhauchSet the py files to executable
2007-08-30 lhauchSet the py files to executable
2007-08-30 lhauchFixed error messages, set and
2007-08-30 lhauchFixed error messages
2007-08-30 lhauchFixed error messages
2007-08-30 lhauchFixed error messages
2007-08-30 lhauchFixed error messages
2007-08-30 jwang361. Removed the package the module belongs to from the...