1. Add API 'append' to class sdict
[people/mcb30/basetools.git] / Source / Python / Common / Misc.py
2008-05-13 hche10x1. Add API 'append' to class sdict
2008-04-23 hche10x1. Add insert function support for class sdict.
2008-04-19 jwang36Changed the code to be able to bypass AutoGen completely
2008-04-03 jwang36Fixed a priority issue in tdict
2008-04-03 jwang36Added conditional statement support for DSC file
2008-04-02 jwang36Fixed progress information issue
2008-04-01 jwang36Made some changes for database based build implementation
2008-03-13 jwang36Fixed incorrect error number and added necessary error...
2008-03-04 jwang36Removed a line of code which might cause file access...
2008-02-27 jwang36Fixed following bugs:
2008-02-25 jwang36Used IterableUserDict to replace internal dict as sdict...
2008-02-25 jwang36Added code to flush stdout after "print" in Processor...
2008-02-18 jwang36Fixed several GenDepex bugs
2008-01-18 jwang36a) Added arch support for [Defines] section for R8...
2007-12-07 jwang36a. Changed the code to use PCD's value as default value...
2007-10-31 jwang36a. Supplemented file/class/function header comments
2007-10-18 jwang36a) Changed code to support breaking build when no libra...
2007-10-08 jwang36Fixed build hang issue in multi-thread mode
2007-09-27 jwang36a. Improved spawn mode (multi-thread) build performance
2007-09-26 jwang36Changed the uses of EdkLogger
2007-09-18 jwang36Fixed an issue in TemplateString which will cause some...
2007-09-18 jwang36Enabled single FD/FV build
2007-09-13 jwang361) Added single FD/FV build
2007-08-30 lhauchSet the py files to executable
2007-08-01 jwang361. Fixed library instance summarization error
2007-07-26 jwang36Added for common routines and classes