Declare Default MANUFACTURING Store for Vfr Code Reference.
[people/mcb30/basetools.git] / Source / C / VfrCompile / VfrSyntax.g
2008-08-14 lgao4Declare Default MANUFACTURING Store for Vfr Code Reference.
2008-08-12 lgao4Enhance VfrCompiler to handle framework vfr file, and...
2008-05-21 jwang36a. Fixed the incorrect generated array in c code for...
2008-05-15 jwang36Fixed a type issue.
2008-05-15 jwang36Added check of varid against 0
2008-05-13 jljustentrunk/BaseTools/Source/C/VfrCompile/VfrSyntax.g:
2008-05-13 jwang36a. Merged bug fixes from R8 tree
2008-03-10 jwang36Fixed some typos
2008-02-29 jljustenBaseTools/Source/C/VfrCompile/GNUmakefile:
2008-02-28 qhuang8Fix the following issues:
2008-02-21 jljustenBaseTools/Source/C/VfrCompile/VfrFormPkg.cpp:
2008-02-20 jwang36Made VfrCompile buildable in BaseTools source tree
2008-02-20 jwang36Merged UEFI support from R8 tree