Fixed error report error when more than one inf files found
[people/mcb30/basetools.git] / Source / Python / build /
2008-05-16 jwang36Fixed error report error when more than one inf files...
2008-05-08 jwang36a) Added explicit banner for pass/fail indication of...
2008-05-04 jwang36Fixed timing issue in Linux
2008-05-04 jwang36Fixed multi-thread build issue in Linux due to schedule...
2008-04-29 jwang36Fixed a wrong variable name and removed the default...
2008-04-24 jwang36Fixed a typo
2008-04-24 jwang36Added more error checks
2008-04-24 jwang36a. Added doxygen comments
2008-04-21 jljustenBaseTools/Source/Python/build/
2008-04-21 jwang36Added necessary package imports
2008-04-21 jwang36Removed unused package
2008-04-19 jwang36Changed the code to be able to bypass AutoGen completely
2008-04-17 jwang36Disabled all cached data because of inconsistency risk
2008-04-09 jwang36Added -x to pass SKU ID from command line
2008-04-09 jwang36Fixed tons of bugs
2008-04-07 jwang36Added option '-u' to skip AutoGen step and option ...
2008-04-02 jwang36Fixed R8 modules build issues
2008-04-02 jwang36Fixed a bug which caused library module build failure.
2008-04-01 jwang36Made some changes for database based build implementation
2008-02-27 jwang36Fixed following bugs:
2008-02-19 jwang36a. Added binary file support during AutoGen
2008-01-18 jwang36a) Added arch support for [Defines] section for R8...
2007-12-22 jwang36a. Enabled building R8 modules
2007-12-13 jljustenBaseTools/Source/Python/build/
2007-12-07 jwang36Several minor improvements
2007-11-30 jwang36Fixed an incorrect use of EdkLogger.error()
2007-11-30 jwang36Moved the clear action to the place before exiting...
2007-11-30 jwang36Fixed multi-target build issue.
2007-11-30 jwang36Added code to check if FvDir exists or not because...
2007-11-29 jljustenBaseTools/Source/Python/build/
2007-10-31 jwang36a. Fixed an issue which a incorrect command (no leading...
2007-10-31 jwang36Changed way to call LaunchCommand
2007-10-31 jwang36a. Supplemented file/class/function header comments
2007-10-29 jljustenBaseTools/Source/Python/build/
2007-10-22 jwang36Fixed build issue when building individual module with...
2007-10-22 jwang36Added RunningQueue to keep track of running build threa...
2007-10-18 jwang36a) Changed code to support breaking build when no libra...
2007-10-12 jlin16coding style change.
2007-10-11 jwang36a) Fixed single module hang issue when using spawn...
2007-10-11 jwang36a) Supported MAKE command in tools_def.txt
2007-10-10 jwang36Incorporated the GenFds changes
2007-10-09 jlin16using new format error message for FDF parser.
2007-10-08 jwang36Fixed build hang issue in multi-thread mode
2007-10-08 jwang36Added setDaemon(False) before each thread.start() call...
2007-09-29 jwang36Not to set thread to "daemon" mode to fix the issue...
2007-09-29 jwang36Clean the code and added enough comments, including...
2007-09-27 jwang36Fixed an issue which the DSC file in current directory...
2007-09-27 jwang36a. Improved spawn mode (multi-thread) build performance
2007-09-26 jwang36- Changed a lot according to AutoGen classes change...
2007-09-18 jwang36Enabled single FD/FV build
2007-09-18 jjin9add new feature to support target 'fds'
2007-09-14 jjin9update the FDF and DSC file override judgment
2007-09-13 jwang361) Added single FD/FV build
2007-09-12 jjin9fix the judgment:
2007-09-12 qhuang8re-fix the issue in r721.
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix typo so that platforms without FDF file can pass...
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix typos
2007-09-12 jlin16fix typo for build.
2007-09-12 jlin16fix typo for build.
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix a coding format by last check-in.
2007-09-12 qhuang8Fix a typo, which might cause runtime exception in...
2007-09-08 jjin9change the parse order of input INF, DSC, FDF
2007-09-07 jjin9fix a bug, PVCS 547.
2007-09-06 qhuang8Fix typo in error message.
2007-08-30 lhauchFixed error messages
2007-08-29 jwang36Fixed deadlock issue when reading STDOUT and STDERR...
2007-08-22 jwang36Changed mbuild to pbuild since mbuild is only used...
2007-08-18 jwang36Changed the format of build_rule.template to be complet...
2007-08-12 jjin9fix a issue TARGET_ARCH
2007-08-09 jwang36Added WARN and ERROR log method
2007-08-08 jwang36Unified the output format
2007-08-08 jjin91. add EdkLogger.quiet
2007-08-07 jjin9add arch list support to call GenFds
2007-08-06 jwang36Added poll() to check if the subprocess is ended or not
2007-08-06 jjin91. support -s
2007-08-03 jjin9fix minor issue for cleanall
2007-08-02 jjin9fix issue for module build.
2007-08-02 jjin9to fix the issue with directory of makefile
2007-08-01 jwang36Added "self." to reference member function
2007-08-01 jwang36Fixed several minor issues
2007-08-01 jjin9add license for
2007-07-31 jjin9According to Larry's Mail, add the support for WorkSpac...
2007-07-30 jjin9remove hard code '\\'
2007-07-30 jjin9modify the Method TrackInfo
2007-07-30 jjin9fix some interface error
2007-07-30 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-30 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-30 jjin9update the usage information
2007-07-27 jjin9add path check for fdf file and dsc file
2007-07-25 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-24 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-13 jwang36Added from python source root