a. Added binary file support during AutoGen
[people/mcb30/basetools.git] / Source / Python / AutoGen / BuildInfo.py
2008-02-19 jwang36a. Added binary file support during AutoGen
2007-12-22 jwang36a. Enabled building R8 modules
2007-10-31 jwang36a. Supplemented file/class/function header comments
2007-10-22 jwang36Added NonDynamicPcdList to store non-dynamic type of PCD
2007-09-26 jwang36Changed the uses of EdkLogger
2007-09-13 jwang361) Added single FD/FV build
2007-08-09 jwang361. Changed the coding style
2007-08-03 jwang36Fixed an issue which DEPEX in dependent library instanc...
2007-07-25 jwang36Merged from old code
2007-07-17 jwang36Added system library, i.e. SPATH, support
2007-07-13 jwang36Added from python source root