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2007-09-19 htaoFpd2Dsc migration utility man page check in.
2007-09-18 hche10xUpload man page for AutoGen code
2007-08-28 jwang36Use WordPad to re-save those files saved by WinWord.
2007-08-23 qhuang8Add the support of migrating User Extensions section...
2007-08-22 lhauchRemoving the HLD documents for now.
2007-08-21 lhauchUpdated the format of the RTF file
2007-08-21 lhauchRenamed User_Guide to Man_Page
2007-08-21 jjin9add Build_Utility_User_Guide.rtf and remove Build_Utili...
2007-08-20 qhuang8Add HLD & UUG for Msa2Inf and Spd2Dec
2007-08-20 lgao4Add GenFv tool HLD and User Guide
2007-08-20 htaoGenVtf, EfiRom, TianoCompress tool Users guide updates
2007-08-20 jlin16Reformat UUG for BootSectImage, EfiLdrImage, GenBootSec...
2007-08-17 lhauchRemoved LZMA documents; moved the HLD docs to the new...
2007-08-17 lgao4Add GenFw, GenSec, GenFfs tool HLD and User Guide doc.
2007-08-15 htaoGenVtf code clean up to delete the IA32 VTF related...
2007-08-13 jlin16check in EfiLdrImage code and documents.
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2007-08-13 htaoEfiRom, GenVtf, TianoCompress and LzmaCompress HLD...
2007-08-10 jjin9Add initial version of Build_HLD.doc and Build_Utility_...
2007-08-10 htaoTianoCompress, GenVtf, EfiRom and LzmaCompress utility...
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2007-08-08 lhauchRemoved Spaces from the file names.
2007-08-08 jlin16change format to conform template.
2007-08-08 jlin16change format to conform template.
2007-08-08 jlin16check in HLD and UUG document template.
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2007-04-25 lhauchRenamed the User Manuals directory to UserManuals to...