GenFds Tool: Add FdfClassObject.
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2007-07-26 qouyangGenFds Tool: Add FdfClassObject.
2007-07-26 jwang36Moved to old directory for temporary reference
2007-07-26 jwang36Moved old code to old directory for temporary reference
2007-07-26 jwang36Added for common routines and classes
2007-07-26 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-26 qouyangAdd in CommonData.
2007-07-26 qouyangUpdate to fix bug of input activ...
2007-07-26 jlin16raise exception when opening fdf file error.
2007-07-26 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-26 jwang36Merged from the one in root directory
2007-07-26 jjin9add target and tooldef declaration in init()
2007-07-25 jwang36Fixed EdkLogger import issue
2007-07-25 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-25 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-25 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-25 jwang36Changed per the new Workspace class
2007-07-25 jjin9modify the type of DataType.TAB_TAT_DEFINES_TOOL_CHAIN_...
2007-07-25 jwang36Merged from old code
2007-07-25 jwang361. Added ACPI table module support
2007-07-25 qouyangUpdate GenFds related files.
2007-07-25 jjin9add a function ToolDefDict()
2007-07-25 lgao4Update tools not to support stdout as default output.
2007-07-25 jjin91. fix bug to support more target, except all, genmake...
2007-07-25 qouyangModify GenFds related files.
2007-07-25 jjin9fix some bugs of
2007-07-25 jjin9rewrite the
2007-07-24 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-24 jjin9add build/
2007-07-24 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-24 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-24 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-24 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-24 jwang361. Added more error check
2007-07-24 jjin9fix the bug for all genfds
2007-07-24 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-24 jjin9clear the structure
2007-07-23 htaoEfiRom tool to add "-p" interface.
2007-07-23 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-23 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2007-07-23 jjin91. add a judge for Lib or Module.
2007-07-23 jlin16Add PcdDict in FdfProfile to hold all pcd information...
2007-07-23 qouyangModify GenFds Related files
2007-07-20 htaoadd more error handling message.
2007-07-20 jwang36Removed more struct typedef for IPF
2007-07-20 qouyangFix bug of "Can't gen VTF "
2007-07-20 jwang36Fixed GCC link issue and vfr build issue under CYGWINGC...
2007-07-19 jwang36Fixed EBC build issue
2007-07-19 jwang36Some minor changes
2007-07-19 qouyangUpdate GenFds related file for Python source tree struc...
2007-07-19 qouyangmodify GenFds Related files.
2007-07-19 jlin16make COMP_LOC optional.
2007-07-19 lgao4Add minor comments in these three tools
2007-07-19 lgao4Add Uefi Capsule Definition header file.
2007-07-19 jjin9change the execute sequence of optparse and calculate...
2007-07-19 lgao4Correct one bug when create raw section
2007-07-18 jwang36Added CYGWIN GCC tool chain family support
2007-07-18 jlin16Modify GetNextToken function to get seperator tokens...
2007-07-18 lgao4Remove /MTd compiler option to build single thread...
2007-07-18 htaoChange ASSERT to normal error exit.
2007-07-18 htaoPAL_A binary size must be larger than 64 bytes because...
2007-07-18 htaoAdd more friendly debug information
2007-07-18 jwang36Changed debug level
2007-07-18 htaoGenVtf bug fix to handle different info in bsf file.
2007-07-17 jjin9support un-regular case input target
2007-07-17 hche10xSync all class object with the latest spec.
2007-07-17 jwang36- Added more error message when dynamic PCD is not...
2007-07-17 jjin9if the FV_FIR is not existed, create it. it...
2007-07-17 lgao4Change compiler option /MDd to /MTd, using static link...
2007-07-17 htaocode cleanup
2007-07-17 htaocode cleanup
2007-07-17 hche10xSync all class object with the latest spec.
2007-07-17 hche10xSync all class object with the latest spec.
2007-07-17 jjin91. correct the directory expression which includes...
2007-07-17 jwang36Fixed generated token number issue for dynamic PCD
2007-07-17 jwang36Added system library, i.e. SPATH, support
2007-07-16 qouyangModify GenFds related file.
2007-07-16 qouyangModify GenFds related files
2007-07-13 htaocode cleanup.
2007-07-13 htaoadd GenVtf parameters check and code debug info cleanup.
2007-07-13 jwang36Changed the import path
2007-07-13 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-13 jjin9git-svn-id:
2007-07-13 jjin9update and add for Multi-Thread
2007-07-13 jwang36Added from python source root
2007-07-13 jwang36No longer needed
2007-07-13 jlin16unlimit COMP_LOC in vtf.
2007-07-13 htaodelete LzmaCompress since it's not open source tool.
2007-07-13 htaoDelete LzmaCompress source and binary since it's not...
2007-07-13 htaoCheck in EfiRom binary
2007-07-12 htaodelete LzmaDecompress and TianoDecompress tool since...
2007-07-12 htaodelete TianoDecompress and LzmaDecompress since the...
2007-07-12 htaoTianoCompress new interface code check in
2007-07-12 htaoLzmaCompress new interface code check in
2007-07-12 htaoDelete non-used binary
2007-07-12 htaoLzmaCompress and TianoCompress new interface binary...
2007-07-12 jwang36Redesigned BuildToolError and applied it in AutoGen...
2007-07-12 jlin16update rule section parsing.
2007-07-12 jlin16update rule section parsing.
2007-07-12 lgao4Update GenFw and GenFv tool to support more features...
2007-07-12 qouyangmodify GenFds related files