GenFds output message clarification for build ARCH.
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2008-05-28 lhauchAdded the UnknownuserExtensions attribute.
2008-05-23 lhauchFinal modifications complete, ready for review.
2008-05-23 lhauchFixed two issues, XmlSpecification default is 1.1 for...
2008-05-14 lhauchMoved some content out of top level of the schema into...
2008-05-14 lhauchMerged several document sections into single document...
2008-05-14 lhauchContent ready for review
2008-05-09 lhauchUpdated with latest version of Schema for WorkspaceCont...
2008-05-09 lhauchUpdated with most recent indentation style
2008-05-07 lhauchThis is the XML Schema for the XML 'database' for track...
2008-05-02 lhauchFinished XmlSchema modifications for CapC
2008-04-30 lhauchUpdates for Cap C Spec
2008-04-24 lhauchUpdated Schema per MDK comments.
2008-04-14 lhauchUpdated with comments
2008-04-08 lhauchAdding a GUID tpye of File to the enumeration
2008-03-27 lhauchReformatted to match HTML documentation
2008-03-27 lhauchCompleted the AsBuilt section of the ModuleSurfaceArea
2008-03-27 lhauchAdding the new Distribution Package Schema file that...
2007-06-20 lhauchAdded Depex section to MSA descriptions
2007-06-05 lhauchRemoved Platform XML Schema
2007-06-05 lhauchUpdated for EDK II Prime
2007-06-05 lhauchUpdated for EDK II Prime
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