2005-04-30 Michael BrownDNS resolver rewritten, moved to proto/dns.c
2005-04-30 Michael Brown"dns_resolver" changed to "dns"
2005-04-30 Michael Browntftp functions moved to proto/tftp.c
2005-04-30 Michael Browntftp moved to separate file.
2005-04-30 Michael BrownProtocols get passed a pointer to the filename portion...
2005-04-30 Michael Browntftp prototypes moved to tftp.h
2005-04-30 Michael BrownAdded "proto" directory
2005-04-30 Michael BrownAdded debugging.
2005-04-30 Michael BrownAdded DNS resolver configuration option.
2005-04-30 Michael BrownTFTP API changed.
2005-04-30 Michael Brownloadkernel renamed to download_url, substantially restr...
2005-04-30 Michael Brownloadkernel renamed to download_url and moved to nic.c
2005-04-30 Michael Brownloadkernel no longer exists; it is now download_url...
2005-04-30 Michael Browninet_aton doesn't overwrite the IP address unless it...
2005-04-30 Michael BrownProtocols also take a pointer to a sockaddr_in.
2005-04-30 Michael BrownUse struct in_addr rather than just "in_addr".
2005-04-30 Michael BrownMoved strtoul prototype into stdlib.h for consistency
2005-04-30 Michael Brownparse_url() is void.
2005-04-29 Michael BrownFirst version
2005-04-29 Michael BrownFirst version
2005-04-28 Michael BrownFirst version
2005-04-28 Michael BrownMuch, much smaller. :)
2005-04-28 Michael BrownFirst version: far too large (408 bytes!!!)
2005-04-27 Michael Brownisa.c uses the new table infrastructure.
2005-04-27 Michael Browndev.c uses the new tables infrastructure.
2005-04-27 Michael BrownMissing include
2005-04-27 Michael BrownPost-relocation functions use the generic table mechanism.
2005-04-27 Michael BrownUse PREFIX_OBJECT to give the init_fn table variables...
2005-04-27 Michael BrownSpecial handling for symbols of the form "xxx_end"...
2005-04-27 Michael BrownAdded PREFIX_OBJECT() function to be able to easily...
2005-04-27 Michael Brownconsole.c uses the generic table mechanism
2005-04-27 Michael BrownLinker no longer provides start and end symbols for...
2005-04-27 Michael BrownUse new generic tables infrastructure
2005-04-27 Michael BrownAdded a generalised table infrastructure, so that we...
2005-04-27 Michael BrownProduce a sorted list of all local symbols in the map...
2005-04-27 Michael BrownUse symbol size as a third index, mainly so that zero...
2005-04-27 Michael BrownFirst version
2005-04-26 Michael BrownAdded back in the actual call to load().
2005-04-26 Michael BrownAdd isapnp_max_csn to reduce scan time.
2005-04-26 Michael BrownISA bus driver updated to report devices as present...
2005-04-26 Michael BrownPCI_DRIVER changed
2005-04-26 Michael BrownAutomatically updated with
2005-04-25 Michael BrownBIOS floppy handling code moved to where it will really...
2005-04-25 Michael BrownAdded arch/i386/drivers/disk
2005-04-25 Michael BrownImproved debug messages
2005-04-25 Michael Browns/{name,describe}/{name,describe}_device/
2005-04-25 Michael BrownRenamed describe to describe_device for consistency
2005-04-25 Michael BrownAdded "name" field to struct bus_driver
2005-04-25 Michael BrownAdded DBG2
2005-04-25 Michael BrownAdded "name" field to bus structure.
2005-04-25 Michael BrownAllow for multiple debug levels
2005-04-23 Michael BrownPrevent hundreds of errors from "make symcheck". The...
2005-04-23 Michael BrownFixed to properly catch multiply defined symbols.
2005-04-23 Michael BrownSymbol errors caught by
2005-04-23 Michael BrownAdded "make symcheck"
2005-04-23 Michael BrownFirst working version
2005-04-23 Michael BrownShould be an <= comparison, not a < comparison.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownCoerced into compiling.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownMake it easier to comment out individual SRC directorie...
2005-04-22 Michael BrownTypo
2005-04-22 Michael BrownEnsured that all drivers call xxx_fill_nic().
2005-04-22 Michael BrownCoerced into compiling
2005-04-22 Michael BrownUpdated to new device probing API
2005-04-22 Michael BrownCoerced into compiling
2005-04-22 Michael BrownCoerced into compiling.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownCoerced into actually compiling.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownFields in struct pci_device slightly changed.
2005-04-22 Michael Brownisapnp_read_port can be set directly, rather than via...
2005-04-22 Michael BrownUpdated debug messages
2005-04-22 Michael BrownDocumented where to get hold of the datasheet.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownUpdated to new API.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownDebug message fixes.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownUpdated to new bus API, and improved using the 3c5x9...
2005-04-22 Michael BrownNeed to leave structure zeroed
2005-04-22 Michael Browndisable() is a void
2005-04-22 Michael BrownMust not go beyond end of driver's probe list.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownUpdated to current API.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownUpdated to new API.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownConsistency
2005-04-22 Michael BrownUpdated to new device API.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownFix up fill_mca_nic.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownAdded friendly enable/disable functions
2005-04-22 Michael BrownUpdated all common buses to new API.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownRevert debug message prefix back to none, since we...
2005-04-21 Michael BrownAutomatically updated with the program
2005-04-21 Michael BrownTweaked API to minimise changes to existing drivers...
2005-04-21 Michael BrownUpdated to current API
2005-04-21 Michael BrownMade macros more like the previous driver API, to minim...
2005-04-21 Michael BrownCreated a bus/device API that allows for the ROM prefix...
2005-04-21 Michael BrownForce a standard format upon debug messages.
2005-04-21 Michael BrownTypo
2005-04-21 Michael Brownbswap_16() exists; no need to use __bswap_16()
2005-04-20 Michael BrownTrying to create a bus API.
2005-04-19 Michael BrownFirst versions
2005-04-18 Michael BrownMoved floppy.c to i386 arch, since it's i386-specific.
2005-04-18 Michael BrownAdded remaining bus functions.
2005-04-18 Michael BrownCode fixed to operate correctly.
2005-04-18 Michael BrownExtracted from firmware/pcbios/bios.c
2005-04-18 Michael BrownAdded arch/i386/drivers/bus
2005-04-18 Michael BrownMoved disk functions to drivers/bus/bios_disks.c