Do not hold self-references. This then avoids the problem of having to
[people/dverkamp/gpxe.git] / src / core / xfer.c
2007-05-15 Michael BrownDo not hold self-references. This then avoids the...
2007-05-15 Michael BrownData-transfer interface should now be functionally...
2007-05-01 Michael BrownAdd start() event
2007-04-29 Michael BrownAdd (and use) generic reference counter, to improve...
2007-04-29 Michael BrownAdd seek()
2007-04-28 Michael BrownPreliminary support for opening data-transfer interfaces
2007-04-27 Michael BrownAdded deliver-as-iobuf/deliver-as-raw concepts.
2007-04-26 Michael BrownInitial sketch for the generic data-transfer interface.