Introduce name resolution interface and named socket opener.
[people/dverkamp/gpxe.git] / src / core / resolv.c
2007-05-27 Michael BrownIntroduce name resolution interface and named socket...
2007-03-13 James HarperPorted bnx2 driver from Etherboot 5.4.
2007-01-19 Michael BrownZeroing out memory before using it can be so important.
2007-01-19 Michael BrownActually, it's probably safer *not* to leave child...
2007-01-19 Michael BrownNote that the SIGCHLD handler could be re-entered.
2007-01-19 Michael BrownPropagate return status code from last child to fail.
2007-01-18 Michael BrownA working name resolution framework
2007-01-10 Michael BrownAdd "name" field to struct device to allow human-readab...
2006-09-27 Michael BrownWe don't actually have a stdio.h header file. Our...
2006-09-27 Marty Connoradded stdio.h to includes for DBG compilation
2005-04-30 Michael BrownAdded debugging.
2005-04-29 Michael BrownFirst version