[Timers] Do not enable serial console by default; this change should not
[people/dverkamp/gpxe.git] / src / hci /
2008-03-02 Alexey ZaytsevModify gPXE core and drivers to work with the new timer...
2007-09-11 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' into 3leaf-rewrite
2007-08-23 Holger LubitzMerge branch 'master' into curses
2007-08-23 Michael BrownMerge commit 'holger/strings'
2007-08-19 Holger Lubitz__nonnull changes
2007-08-19 Holger Lubitz__nonnull changes
2007-08-19 Holger Lubitz__nonnull changes
2007-08-19 Holger Lubitz__nonnull changes
2007-08-19 Holger Lubitz__nonnull changes
2007-08-19 Holger Lubitz__nonnull changes
2007-08-05 Holger LubitzMerge branch 'master' of git://git.etherboot.org/scm...
2007-08-03 Michael BrownPrint multiple commands per line in help
2007-08-02 Michael BrownError message cleanups.
2007-08-02 Michael BrownAllow images to hold references to the originating...
2007-08-02 Michael BrownAllowed zero-cost enforced ordering of features in...
2007-08-02 Michael BrownAdd FEATURE() macro, plus code to display features...
2007-08-01 Holger LubitzMerge branch 'master' into strings
2007-07-28 Michael BrownMerge branch 'symcheck2'
2007-07-28 Michael BrownMake has_key() a static inline, rather than omitting...
2007-07-28 Michael BrownRevert "make bool m_echo static" - I suspect this to...
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzmake bool m_echo static
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzremove has_key by #if 0'ing out
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzmake _wgetc static
2007-07-27 Holger LubitzMerge branch 'master' into symcheck2
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzmake struct _softlabelkeys *slks static
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzmake imgfill_cmdline static
2007-07-24 Michael BrownAdd per-file error identifiers
2007-07-03 Marty ConnorMerge branch 'master' of /pub/scm/gpxe
2007-07-03 Marty ConnorWarnings purge: src/{crypto,hci,net}
2007-06-28 Michael BrownRemoved debugging statements that should not have been...
2007-06-28 Michael BrownQuick hack to get image booting working again
2007-06-08 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' into mcb-tcp-xfer
2007-05-26 Michael BrownAdded EPIPE description.
2007-03-20 Michael BrownTypo
2007-03-13 James HarperPorted bnx2 driver from Etherboot 5.4.
2007-01-19 Michael BrownHandle structured error codes.
2007-01-19 Michael Brownvsprintf.h is gPXE-specific; move it to include/gpxe
2007-01-19 Michael BrownUse stdio.h instead of vsprintf.h
2007-01-18 Michael BrownInclude stdlib.h rather than malloc.h
2007-01-15 Michael BrownAdd ETIMEDOUT
2007-01-14 Michael BrownMake TCP give up immediately when it receives -ENETUNRE...
2007-01-14 Michael BrownAdd the "initrd" command
2007-01-14 Michael BrownMake "boot" a synonym for "imgexec", to match grub
2007-01-14 Michael BrownRename "boot" to "autoboot"
2007-01-12 Michael BrownAdded ENOENT, since HTTP 404 translates to it
2007-01-12 Michael BrownAdd "dhcp" command
2007-01-12 Michael BrownDon't print "<NULL>" when we use imgautoselect().
2007-01-12 Michael BrownAllow "imgexec" with no arguments to boot the file...
2007-01-12 Michael BrownCleaner separation between imgXXX() functions and image...
2007-01-12 Michael BrownAdd basic "fetch" and "imgstat" commands.
2007-01-12 Michael BrownBe silent if there are no network interfaces
2007-01-11 Michael BrownAdded strerror(0)=="No error", so that TCP protocols...
2007-01-10 Michael BrownAdd "route" command (which currently only displays...
2007-01-10 Michael BrownForce ordering of commands within help list.
2007-01-10 Michael BrownForce ordering of commands in help list.
2007-01-10 Michael BrownAdd "name" field to struct device to allow human-readab...
2007-01-10 Michael BrownMove header file for usr/autoboot.c to include/usr
2007-01-10 Michael BrownAdded network interface management commands
2007-01-09 Michael BrownReset character attributes before start of welcome...
2007-01-05 Michael BrownAvoid creating implicit memcpy()s
2006-12-21 Michael BrownPrint explicit error message on iSCSI boot failure...
2006-12-20 Michael BrownUse getkey() and symbolic key names.
2006-12-20 Michael BrownUse symbolic key names, and avoid moving beyond end...
2006-12-20 Michael BrownUse getkey() and symbolic key names.
2006-12-20 Michael BrownDefine KEY_MIN and use it in kb.c.
2006-12-20 Michael Brownsettings_ui() now returns a status code.
2006-12-20 Michael BrownAdd EIO.
2006-12-20 Michael BrownSplit the (quick hack) boot logic out from main.c to...
2006-12-20 Michael BrownExplicitly call erase(), to cope with platforms where...
2006-12-20 Michael BrownAdd "config" command to access config UI
2006-12-20 Michael BrownAdd instruction row, and save option
2006-12-20 Michael BrownOnly need printf(), so use vsprintf.h instead of console.h
2006-12-20 Michael BrownClear message on alert row before printing new one
2006-12-20 Michael BrownAdded descriptive text for settings and setting types...
2006-12-20 Michael BrownMove {show,set,clear}_setting() to {show,set,clear...
2006-12-20 Michael BrownAdded messages for some of the most common errors
2006-12-20 Michael BrownSplit strerror() out from errno.c
2006-12-20 Michael BrownAlert when saving settings fails
2006-12-20 Michael BrownFix (hopefully) the scrolling logic
2006-12-20 Michael BrownAdd (partly-functional) user interface for editing...
2006-12-20 Michael BrownDon't automatically redraw the edit box; this allows...
2006-12-20 Michael BrownEditable text box widget based on mucurses and edit_string.
2006-12-20 Michael BrownReset screen on exit as well as entry
2006-12-20 Michael BrownAdd "exit --help" to preempt the pedants.
2006-12-20 Michael BrownRemove obsolete mechanism for including nvo_cmd.o
2006-12-20 Michael BrownMove nvo_cmd.c to hci/commands.
2006-12-20 Michael BrownSeparated out (and tidied up) shell banner code
2006-12-19 Michael BrownMinimal shell implementation using readline() and system().
2006-12-19 Michael BrownUse stdlib.h for malloc() instead of malloc.h.
2006-12-19 Michael BrownExplicitly print out-of-memory message to avoid trickin...
2006-12-19 Michael BrownFunctioning readline()
2006-12-19 Michael BrownProvide an edit history to allow caller to efficiently...
2006-12-19 Michael BrownExplicitly move cursor to top-left of screen, in case...
2006-12-19 Michael BrownSkeletal (non-echoing) version of readline()
2006-12-19 Michael BrownStart of generic editable string support
2006-12-19 Michael BrownUse current attributes when erasing.
2006-12-19 Michael BrownAssume a 24-line screen, since we can't (easily) avoid...
2006-12-19 Michael BrownAvoid cursor move on every single character
2006-12-19 Michael BrownUse ANSI escape sequence to reset and clear terminal...
2006-12-19 Michael BrownNow basically functioning on ANSI-supporting consoles.