Free TFTP / Syslog / NFS Servers for Windows

Stefan Furtmayr (

Feel free to send me your comments about these programs or some additions.

Also have a look at the "Diskless Windows Cookbook " in the LTSP Contrib Area.

From this list I have only used the W2K-TFTP once for a customer with the 3Com MBA Utility Disk, while it can be used as well with Etherboot tagged images for other NIC brands.
The solution used a netbooted DOS with MS Client 3.0 to easily restore disk images with Symantec Ghost (see for similar tools).
Sure there are several possibilities to do this with Linux but for cloning NT4/W2K the NTFS support is rather experimental and automatically changing the SID is another issue.

TFTP Servers:

In Autumn 2000 i tested some different TFTP servers and found out that most of them do not install/run as a service, especially under W2K.


found on

Syslog Servers:

NFS Servers: