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last changeThu, 21 Aug 2008 15:52:08 +0000 (16:52 +0100)
2008-08-21 Michael Brown[pxe] Add extra debug messages to the PXE UDP API calls master
2008-08-21 Michael Brown[pxe] Fix broadcast transmissions via PXENV_UDP_WRITE
2008-08-20 Michael Brown[undi] Fill in ProtType correctly in PXENV_UNDI_ISR
2008-08-20 Michael Brown[undi] Work around broken UNDI polling behaviour in...
2008-08-19 Michael Brown[smbios] Print SMBIOS version number in debugging messages
2008-08-18 Michael Brown[pcbios] Support arbitrary splits of the e820 memory map
2008-08-18 Michael Brown[pcbios] Prepare for multiple splits of hidden e820...
2008-08-15 Michael Brown[util] Allow Option::ROM to understand and modify initi...
2008-08-14 Michael Brown[settings] Avoid overwriting the start of .text in...
2008-08-13 Michael Brown[dhcp] Do not restrict minimum retry time for ProxyDHCP...
2008-08-12 Andrew Schran[retry] Added configurable timeouts to retry timer
2008-08-11 Michael Brown[iSCSI] Add support for mutual CHAP
2008-08-11 Michael Brown[libc] Add missing __attribute__ (( format ( printf...
2008-08-05 Michael Brown[romprefix] Fix ROM image copy on PCI 3.0 BIOSes
2008-08-02 Michael Brown[pxe] If no ProxyDHCPACK exists, use DHCPACK for the...
2008-08-01 Michael Brown[dhcp] Work around a bug in Altiris RDP
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